Can You See Airdrop History?

Airdrop is a method of transferring data between various devices. You may send files such as videos, images, music, location, and many other types of media using airdrop to other people. It works with Apple devices only and you can only airdrop to a device that is compatible with airdrop.

Whether you use airdrop to exchange files with other compatible devices, you may be asking if it is possible to see the history of airdrops from either the sending or the receiving side. If so, you are not alone. So, can you see airdrop history?

As a general guideline, airdrop file transfer does not leave traceable historical data behind. If you choose to use airdrop files, you will not be able to see the history of airdrops. When you use Airdrop, it does not retain a record of your activities or the files that you send over it.

Apple does not keep track of the history of transfers made using airdrop. To eliminate random file transfers to your device, you should switch off airdrop while you are not using it to ensure that no files are sent to your device by accident.

How airdrops work

Airdrop is a method of sending files between multiple devices that depends on Bluetooth and WiFi. As a result, for Airdrop to function, both devices must be equipped with Bluetooth and WiFi capabilities.

Furthermore, these devices must be at a reasonable distance of one another, typically 30 feet, for Airdrop to function properly. It may be necessary to keep the devices close together to avoid any issues with connection loss and speed.


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Prerequisites for using airdrop service

There are a few requirements that must be met before you may utilize airdrop to transfer data between your devices. These include the following:

First and foremost, if you want to share files with a device that is not signed with your Apple ID, you must ensure that your airdrop configuration is set to “everyone.” For your own Apple devices as well as anybody else whose contact information you have stored on your phone, you may utilize the contacts-only option as an alternative.

The devices’ screens should be unlocked when they are used. For Mac users, you must be certain that the computer does not go into sleep mode when uploading files.

Check that the devices to which you are transmitting are compatible with airdrop before sending. Airdrop is compatible with all iPhone devices, as well as Mac computers and iPad versions.

Bluetooth and WiFi must be enabled before use. Remember that you do not need a live internet connection to complete this task.

WiFi merely serves to aid in the creation of a personal network, allowing for the movement of large amounts of data at a rapid pace. This enables you to send large volumes of data in a short period with a single computer.

Check to see that all of your devices have been updated to the most recent software version. This implies that your iPhone or iPad is still running the most current version of the software that was lost.

Turn off the mobile hotspot on your phone. It is not necessary to use a hotspot to transmit files using airdrop. As a result, you may wish to turn it off.

Can I see what I have shared through airdrop?

Logs are not currently stored on iOS or macOS devices due to limitations in their respective operating systems. As a result, there is no record of any transfers that have taken place utilizing the airdrop method.

This implies that you will be unable to access any of the files that you have airdropped, regardless of when they were done.

Because of this, you must take the proper precautions when using airdrop. For example, you will want to keep airdrop off when you are not using it to avoid getting files accidentally sent to your device and vice versa.


As a general rule, airdrop file transfer does not leave any traces of its previous existence behind. Using airdrop files will prevent you from being able to see a history of airdrops that have taken place. The files that you send over Airdrop are not saved in any way when you use it. For this reason, be sure that you are aware of what you are sending before doing so.

Be especially careful when airdropping files to others, as you may not be able to access them if something goes wrong. As always, make sure that your devices are updated with the latest software before using airdrop.

Transferring files between Apple devices is made possible with the Apple Airdrop function. Unfortunately, Apple does not maintain track of the file transfers that are conducted utilizing the Airdrop feature.

This implies that you will not be able to see the history of airdrops. You should turn off your airdrop when you aren’t using it to prevent mistakenly transmitting files over the airdrop function.