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Keyboard covers have gained great popularity among MacBook owners, but their popularity has waned in more recent years, possibly as a result of the MacBook Air’s slimmer design. There are a plethora of third-party manufacturers that offer keyboard covers for all of the most current MacBook models.


As a general guide, keyboard covers are not bad for your MacBook. Although there are certain drawbacks to using laptop keyboard covers on Macbook Pro, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. Laptop keyboard covers are used for a number of reasons by people who use computers. The majority of people do this in order to maintain the keyboard clean and extend its life. Some people do it for purely aesthetic reasons.


Take into consideration both the benefits and drawbacks of utilizing a keyboard cover for your laptop before making a purchase.

Why Keyboard covers are good for your MacBook

The following are the reasons why keyboard covers are not bad for your MacBook:


Keeps keyboard free of dust or dirt

A keyboard cover will help to keep your keyboard clean and clear of dust and dirt. When using an older MacBook with one of those infamously terrible butterfly keyboards, every particle of dust or dirt that manages to slip beneath a key may cause a major headache.

By this standard, the vast majority of keyboard covers perform well. Because of the keyboard cover, anything that might have otherwise fallen into your keyboard tray or even beneath keycaps is kept out of your way.

It offers protection against minor spills.

Although a keyboard cover is unlikely to protect you from large spills or liquid damage, it may be very successful in protecting you from less serious liquid spills and damage. With a keyboard cover, you can avoid disasters such as spilling a few drops of coffee or a spray of water on your MacBook’s keyboard, which would otherwise be disastrous.

Maintains a lubricant-free keyboard

If you take a good look at any old keyboard, you’ll notice that the key surfaces have developed recognizable patterns of wear. The majority of this comes from the natural oils that accumulate on the user’s hands over time. 

It is possible to keep the oil off your keyboard keys by using a keyboard cover while typing. 

Disadvantages of using keyboard Covers for MacBook


The keyboard on your MacBook is possibly much more sensitive than you realize. Of course, a single unfortunate spill might bring your whole computer crashing down, but even a few crumbs could spell doom for your keys.

Although it may be tempting to use a keyboard cover to preserve both the keys and the MacBook, it has been shown that these covers may potentially do more damage than good.


Keyboard covers may cause harm to the display of your MacBook.

For all of the time you’ve spent worrying about the keyboard on your MacBook, you may want to take a moment to consider the display on the device. The screens on MacBooks are great, but they are also brittle (think about how easily yours gets dirty).

Touchscreen fingerprints and water spots end up cluttering the display and making cleaning difficult, but using a keyboard cover just exacerbates the issue.


Apple manufactures these laptops very slim, as you are well aware from your own experience with one of their devices. As it happens, the firm builds these machines with such accuracy that when you shut your laptop, there is only a little space between the keyboard and the monitor. In that area, there isn’t much room for anything else except air to exist.


Keyboard covers, although tiny, aren’t quite as thin as they seem. When you shut your MacBook, they come into contact with the display, and this remains the case until you reopen the machine and turn it off. You’ll see right away that there is a QWERTY impression on the display of your MacBook, which blends in well with whatever other muck has collected here. It’s, for want of a better term, aesthetically offensive.


Keyboard covers may cause your MacBook to run excessively hot.

If you use the M1 MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, you are unlikely to experience excessive heat buildup regularly. However, for those of us who have older MacBooks, we are well aware that these devices can get very hot.

However, one of the most straightforward ways to decrease the heat is to cease using a keyboard cover. There are a variety of causes for this, as well as methods of mitigating it.

If your MacBook is equipped with a fan, the machine makes use of the fan to circulate air through the machine, pushing hot air away from the MacBook’s internal components to maintain temperature regulation. The keyboard, on the other hand, is one of the places where it draws in the fresh air.

If you have a keyboard cover on your MacBook, it won’t be able to take in as much air as it would like, which will interfere with its capacity to pump out the maximum amount of hot air possible.


Because Apple does not include fans in all of its MacBook models, this does not apply to all of them. MacBooks (also known as MacBooks) and MacBook Airs (also known as M1 MacBook Airs) are examples of computers that do not have fans. As long as you don’t close the lid while you’re using one of these devices, you should be OK using a keyboard cover.


Keyboard covers, although tiny, aren’t quite as thin as they seem. These have a lot of benefits for your MacBook as explained in this post, although there are certain drawbacks, MacBook covers are still a worthwhile investment.

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