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AweSun’s remote desktop app provides the finest desktop application, particularly with Covid shutdowns forcing many workers to switch to remote working. I find it interesting with this software application because it is one of the few remote desktop apps that work on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.AweSun’s remote desktop app provides full access standard features in a free version and paid premium feature in a single click purchase.

This application has:

  • Best screen resolution support for mobile devices: The app uses HTML 5 standards, not Flash, which locks developers into Adobe’s proprietary code language and slow performance.
  • Best file transfer protocol support:  The app uses the best file transfer protocols among all other applications such as AnyDesk, TeamViewer, and Goto Meeting (KMPlayer), which use old FTP/File Transfer Protocol or incompatible security protocols like SFTP or FTPS.
  • The remote desktop connection with Full HD/4k split-screen view among other applications while other apps support only one monitor at a time.

Multi-monitor connectivity directly to your PC’s graphics card.

Other remote desktop apps are not able to access multi-monitors directly from the device, unlike AweSun’s Remote Desktop app.

IT administrators can also use a free version of AweSun’s remote desktop app to monitor and troubleshoot Windows servers from the device, by taking snapshots directly from it or record server logs without tampering with devices connected to the server.

This remote app does not rely on third-party servers as other applications do.

Secure connections through SSL/TLS connections using self-signed certificates or public certificates provided by the Let’s Encrypt certificate authority.

Safe Remote Desktop Software With an easy-to-use interface even for first-time users.

Screen mirroring apps widely used for remote desktop are not renowned for being remote smart power plug and smart device managers.

With this app, you can build a remote desktop connection by simply creating a QR code from your PC’s screen to quickly and easily launch the remote connection from your Android, iOS, or Windows phone using AweSun remote desktop app.

And for tech support teams, this software allows them to create a quick access QR Code from a PC, making it easy for you to connect to the client quickly.

With AweSun, you can securely share files between endpoints without leaving your seat because the app is built on HTML 5 screen sharing technology which does not require an active internet connection, unlike other applications that use Java or ActiveX dependency.

AweSun: Fast and Reliable Remote Desktop Software – Best of all, it’s free and requires no subscription for premium access if you are just starting out and you do not need the premium features!

Ready-made QR codes allow you to start a session by simply scanning and tapping the notification on the mobile device. With this new feature – users can now even give out READ ONLY remote desktop links over email or chat

The quick-connect button makes it easier to start a session in no time.

Users can search for devices on the local network or by entering their IP address manually.

AweSun’s free remote desktop software is compatible with Windows PC, Mac OS X, Android, iOS, Linux, and UNIX.

Its clean user interface makes connections easy to set up and use.

It uses a web-based standard protocol that works even without an internet connection making it faster than other applications which require cloud servers for file transfer.

Other remote desktop apps are not able to access multi-monitors directly from the device, unlike AweSUn’s Remote Desktop app. The application only needs a web browser installed on your PC or Mac which acts as a thin client while its dedicated mobile app turns your mobile device into a user-friendly remote control capable of controlling mouse, keyboard, and touch.

Screen mirroring apps widely used for remote desktops are not renowned for being secure or safe enough for file transfers without avoiding data theft through man-in-the-middle attacks between the endpoint devices.

With this app, you can build a safe, and end-to-end secured remote desktop connection by simply creating a QR code from your PC’s screen to launch the remote connection quickly and easily from your Android, iOS, or Windows phone using AweSun remote desktop app.

AweSun: Fast and Reliable Remote Desktop Software – Best of all, it’s free and requires no subscription for premium access if you are just starting out and you do not need the premium features!

AweSun uses a built-in screen sharing capability that only shares the opened window instead of a full screen to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks while transferring files or providing limited access. 

Allowing users to select which application they want to share while securing file transfers with end-to-end encryption prevents data theft.

Suppose your connection is lost during a file transfer. In that case, AweSun will resume the transfer once you re-establish a connection and it will even resume uploading and downloading of multiple files without any loss of progress!

AweSun software requires no installation as it works right out of the box on all Windows operating systems including older versions such as XP, Vista and 7.

It’s lightweight and easy to use with just two buttons: Connect and Disconnect! Once connected, you can minimize or close AweSun which will continue streaming in the background mode allowing you to exit your remote session at any time – no need for full-screen mode usually required by proprietary remoting software!

You can also password protect access to your computer using a single registration code or a customized password code to give access only to those you trust.

And, as with all Awesun’ss products, they work from anywhere in the world on any Windows system and it’s 100% free!

In addition to its many premium features, AweSun also has some cool tools: 

You can start and stop your AweSun service from the Windows tray, create multiple settings profiles and connect to your account to manage your connections easily!

With AweSun you get all this and more:

  • Screen sharing and remote control optimized for fast and efficient control of your computer remotely.
  • File transfer tools designed around speed and security including time.
  • An easy sharing feature that allows you to share your device contents just like a Google Chromecast onto another monitor or PC making it more effective than Google Chromecast.
  • Automatic or manual server connection options that automatically connect or set up tray icon for easy access with a single click of the mouse, this same function is supported in VNC clients but does not have automatic connections like AweSun’s remote desktop application.
  • You also get secure login protocols using 2-factor authentication, including SMS Authentication, Google Authenticator, Authy Authentication method, Password Authentication method, and PIN. 

Windows logins or Linux logins support these authentication methods so you can be assured of the safest connection available.

It even allows you to import your favorite toolbars into our servers, allowing easy access and usability for even advanced users.

Private server locking that prevents others from using your remote desktop session while not in use so you don’t have to worry about other people accessing your information when you are not around!

Why Use AweSun Software

AweSun software apps are not for everyone. They are built for those of you looking for cloud-based apps capable of providing remote access or remote controls and remote support options from desktop and mobile systems while working away from the office.

Desktop and mobile platforms like Awesun provides remote working online or at home with affordable remote access to offices. Furthermore, it enables remote access to mobile phone support, play PC games, and facilitates collaboration.

Perfect for remote startup teams as this app is available on Operating systems like Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS. OS supports iOS, Windows, MacOS/Windows Mobile Android and iOS.

AweSun Remote Desktop Software Support

AweSun Remote Desktops offers Remote Desktops support for remote working teams if they are having trouble logging on / accessing any online collaboration group devices.

AweSun Remote Desktop supports a range of internet-connected devices and is not limited to operating systems. All users should be able to connect to their desktop whether they are using Windows or MacOS/Linux based computers as both connections provide support for older versions including the less popular Windows XP and Linux Mint.

AweSun remote desktop software supports performing other tasks data-sensitive protocols as it uses 256 Bit AES encryption with 2-Factor Authentication to securely connect devices together and ensures data safety online.

AweSun Security & Privacy

When it comes to security, the AweSun team has built security into every level of its system. As mentioned before, these apps are built for developers looking to work with other people quickly and securely over the internet. 

Their goal was to be sure about your privacy as well as be sure that you know what you are doing and be sure that you can easily use them.

The company continuously enhances and customizes security functions for the blacklist to control access, downtime checklist lists to set the limit of remote connections and blank screen to disable a monitor remotely.

There is no doubt that the COVID-19 era greatly impacted this product, but it still has made some advancements over the years. 

Now with an updated GUI interface, independent controls of screen resolution, easy set up and improved compatibility, AweSun virtual display quality is not only limited to COVID-19.

However, no matter how good a service or application is there are always ways to improve it. AweSun’s team has moved the product into the 21st century with new security updates, improved performance applications and new hardware compatibility to change your game of remote sessions!

While there are some good competitors out there like UltraVNC Connect, Splashtop. It doesn’t matter what you use because ultimately it is all up to people like you who were forced to stay at home during the Covid, still needed to continue their jobs or work from home. 

Despite the challenges and tech barriers, this product looks really interesting and definitely worth trying out

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