Can Digital Keyboard Get Out Of Tune? (EXPLAINED & QUICK FIX)

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Digital keyboards are a great tool for beginner musicians to learn how to play the piano, but it can also be frustrating if you find that your keyboard keys begin to sound a lot like they are not in tune.

And the question most beginner musicians are asking includes whether digital keyboards can get out of tune?

As a general guide, digital keyboards can not get out of tune. They are made using pre-recorded sounds that they use every time you strike a key. Digital keyboards however will need resetting every once in a while when they are playing out-of-tune sounds due to driver software embedded inside the keyboard. All pre-recorded digital sounds can not get out of tune as they are finetuned before being put into the keyboard.

But are there are reasons why you might think that your digital keyboard is out of tune? This may be due to a few different things.

Poor Digital Sound Acoustic Treatment Causing Bad Sound Feedback Loop.

Room sound acoustics is one of the most common reasons that you may feel your digital keyboard is out of tune. The sound can become distorted and flat depending on the environment in which you are playing, as well as how close everything is positioned to each other. If you notice this happening, try moving your gear around so that the problem goes away.

This happens because when you play a note on a digital keyboard, the sound is projected to every corner of a room if it doesn’t have acoustic treatment. In this situation, the speakers inside the digital keyboard get feedback from the walls and floors. The more gear you have in your setup, the larger this problem can get.

For example, if your digital keyboard has an onboard speaker where you can listen to all the sounds being played, it may sound slightly different if placed on a wooden or glass table. Some digital keyboards have an option to ignore any sounds played through the speaker, which will prevent it from sounding different.

Additionally, if your hands are not centered over the keys, you may notice that some notes sound out of tune. If there is a note that you believe isn’t in tune, try adjusting how close or far away you press your finger against the key.

You Can Adjust Your Digital Keyboard’s Pitch in the Setup Menu to Find a Usable Range for this Instrument

One of the most common reasons that your digital keyboard may sound out of tune is because it doesn’t have a wide enough range of pitch adjustability. This means, when you play an instrument in a higher or lower octave, the tone may sound out of tune.

Most digital keyboards have between two to three octaves which can be adjusted up or down in pitch. The amount of adjustability will depend on the price you are paying for it, as more expensive options are likely to have a wider range of adjustments.

One of the common problems that novice players have with their digital keyboard includes a “drifting” tone that is not in tune with other instruments. The reason for this problem is simple. It’s because no one has ever bothered to tune your keyboard!

Nonetheless, if your digital keyboard suddenly sounds like is out of tune, there’s an easy and cheap way to fix this problem without spending a single dollar on any tuner.

All you need to do is adjust the pitch of your digital keyboard until it sounds in tune with another instrument which is played at 440Hz, such as a piano or an electric guitar. This is because depending on which key you play on your digital keyboard, its sharp or flat tone can impact how well it sounds with other instruments.

So if you want to know how to tune your digital keyboard, just play any instrument that is played in A440 Hz and adjust the pitch of your keyboard until it sounds about the same as the other instrument being played. After that, record or write down what note you have just made, then turn off this instrument.

Next, play the same digital keyboard note again and turn on this instrument. This time it should sound in tune with your other instrument. If not, try adjusting it until it does sound in tune.

Overall, digital keyboards cn get out of tune. There are a lot of factors that might contribute to the out of tune state of the digital keyboard. When it comes to out of tune digital keyboards; temperature changes, humidity changes, and strain in the strings are some of the most typical things that cause this to happen.

How to Fix Out of Tune Problems in Digital Keyboard

In a digital keyboard, the desired tune is when your keyboard has a frequency of 440Hz. However, certain times, your digital keyboard’s frequency may change and go below or even higher than the desired 440Hz. In this case, a digital keyboard will be said to be out of tune. There are two main ways if fix this problem.

The first way is to transpose your digital keyboard’s tune to 440Hz. Take note that this should be carried out in modest increments.

The second method is for you to perform a factory reset, this method becomes useful if the first method failed to restore your tune.

When carrying out the steps mentioned above to restore your keyboard’s tune, it is very important to refer to the manual book because this usually contains the instructions on transposing the tune (whether up or down).

Instructions on how to return the keyboards’ tuning to 440Hz are also included in most product manuals.

If you are using a digital keyboard, the procedure will entail pressing and holding down various keys (for example, function keys) while also pressing and holding down the lowest B key to bring the tune back down to 440Hz.

To do a factory reset on the digital keyboard, follow these steps:

To begin, switch off your digital keyboard. When the keyboard is off, press down the white key for a few seconds while turning on your digital keyboard.

The next step is to hit F1, but before doing so, you must hold down the top key for a few seconds to ensure that your keyboard is operational.

This factory reset procedure will work for the vast majority of keyboards. If it does not work for your keyboard, see the manual that came with your keyboard. But if none of these approaches proves successful, you should seek the assistance of a professional keyboard repair service.

How Often Should I Tune My Digital Keyboard

A digital keyboard is not designed to be tuned regularly. This is also one of the main reasons why people like to use digital keyboards since they offer more convenience in the sense that they do not require regular tuning. You must tune your keyboard whenever it is out of tune.

A digital keyboard can be transposed by using normal tones as well as semitones. Based on the type of keyboard used, you may transpose the keyboard relative to the 40Hz in increments of 0.2Hz for example.

Is it necessary to tune my digital keyboard?

The answer is yes, digital keyboards need to be tuned. A digital keyboard may get out of tune for a variety of reasons, as previously stated, and tuning your keyboard is essential to ensure that it produces high-quality music while in use.

Although digital keyboards are available in a variety of configurations, styles, and price ranges, the capacity to generate sounds is what distinguishes this digital keyboard as a, particularly attractive pick. Because the sound on a digital keyboard is electrically preserved, you may listen to it via headphones as well as through speakers while using a digital keyboard.


Despite the fact that it is not very frequent, a digital keyboard may get out of tune. In certain cases, this might occur when there is a shift in frequency. Other elements that may play a role include changes in temperature, humidity, and the amount of tension in the keys. With the help of the techniques presented in this article, you may attempt to correct the out-of-tune issue on your digital keyboard.

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