Can Heat Pump Dryers Be Mounted on the Wall? ( Reasons To Consider These 5 Options)

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Mounting a dryer helps save space and ease of bending over to access the dryer’s door when using it. The biggest problem many homeowners have with heat pump dryers is figuring out if they are ideal for mounting on the wall.

As a general rule, heat pump tumble dryers can not be wall-mounted. They are heavy to mount on dryer wall mounting brackets despite their energy-saving technology features. Because heat pump tumble dryers do not require plumbing, they make a good choice for homes looking for flexible setups as they can be placed anywhere in your home as long as it is not wall mounting. As a general rule,  a heat pump dryer must be stacked on top of either a washing machine or an under-counter refrigerator. 

The Ultimate Guide to Wall Mounted Heat Pump Dryers

While wall mounting dryers seem trivial for many, but in the era of downsized living, getting a wall-mounted tumble dryer makes for good space-saving in a tiny or small home. So you really need to know whether getting a heat pump dryer, a Condenser tumble dryer or a vented one is ideal for your needs before spending your money.

Why is a Wall Mounted Dryer so Great?

There are several benefits of using wall-mounted dryers. These include:

Storage Solutions That Are Simple: If you have a small bathroom, you must choose to use a wall-mounted dryer rather than a conventional one. This does not need more storage space. 

Weighs Less and Simple To Handle

Heat dryers placed on the wall weigh less than standard tumble dryers since they are intended to be wall-mounted firmly. Additionally, their low weight makes them simple to handle your wash load. You may enjoy a completely stress-free washing and drying experience. Additionally, they are intended to avoid clutter and instead they optimize space use in a small home.

Excellent Energy-Saving Option

Wall-mounted heat pump dryers use much less energy than standard dryers. Heat pump dryers with a typical wattage of 1875 and higher are very powerful. They do, though, use a lot of energy. 

How Much Electricity Can A Wall Mounted Heat Pump Dryer Use? 

While the majority of electric heat pump dryers operate at 1,500 watts, some operate at little less or slightly more. 

Overall, heat pump dryers are the most energy-efficient tumble dryers with an A+++ rating. They are better than vented dryers which do not recirculate the hot air, a technology only available in heat pump tumble dryers. As a rule of thumb, heat pump dryers use 30% less electricity than wall-mounted vented tumble dryers.

How to Find Your Perfect Wall Mounted Dryer Match?

Begin by determining the location of the laundry room in your house, the size of the laundry piles, as well as the amenities that best suit your requirements. Brands such as Asko, Beko, Blomberg, LG, Miele, Samsung, and Whirlpool offer ENERGY STAR-approved heat pump, dryer models.

Small space to big loads

Tiny versions fit into small areas and may even be stacked with a compact washing machine. Additionally, since these types do not need a vent, they may be placed in any room that has power and a water supply, making them an excellent option for small houses, auxiliary housing units (e.g., apartment above the garage), and expansions. Dryers with bigger drums have a higher capacity and may also obtain the ENERGY STAR certification.

If you wish to access smart features

All ENERGY STAR certified dryers have moisture sensors, which may help you save time and money by preventing overdrying. However, the benefits don’t end there; start by looking at the versions that have anti-wrinkle technology, intelligent settings, or even remote smartphone control.

Water drainage

Several possible solutions involve physically emptying the water tank, utilizing a drain line (supplied by the manufacturer) to mechanically drain the water into a local sink or drainage pipe, or installing a mechanism that enables a heat pump dryer to utilize the laundry washer drain to remove water.

Laundry Room Design Ideas That Includes a Wall Mounted Dryer

Make the Most of a Galley Laundry Room Layout Incorporating enclosed storage as well as wall-mounted drying racks maximizes the use of the area in this small galley-style laundry room. Whereas the majority of the room is cream and white, the black countertops complement the octagon black and white tile flooring, and graphic artwork adds bursts of color.

Increase the Size of Your Dream Closet by Including a Washer and Dryer If you’re building the closet of your dreams, why not include a washing and dryer? A stacked set, like as ones from Electrolux, takes up little floor space and simplifies the process of storing clean clothing.

Utilize Wall Drying Racks to Save Space. With so many textiles that need air drying in order to prevent the extreme heat generated by tumble dryers, a drying rack is almost a must in the laundry room. While floor models function well, they consume a lot of room. Built-in wall-mounted racks that fold out of the way, such as the one shown in this design by Weaver Custom Homes, function wonderfully. The racks may also be placed slightly higher and utilized as a hanging rack for freshly dried clothing.

The Truth about Wall mounted Heat Pumps and Dryers

Units Mounted on the Wall Are Much less Expensive

Wall-mounted devices are less costly than non-wall-mounted ones. This is because they include energy-efficient or cost-cutting features, thus lowering overall power costs.

They Use an Innovative In-Wall Heat Pump Dryer

The heat pump condenser is the most recent and biggest invention in dryers. These are often so energy efficient that they are in a class of their own, complete with an additional row of stars… they are super-efficient!

Due to the fact that they are the newest technology, they tend to be more expensive upfront, but some families (particularly big households) may find the additional expense to be a wise investment — based on how frequently they are utilized. Calculate your energy rating with the Energy Rating Calculator.

Easy And Affordable To Install a Wall Mounted Heater in Any Sized Home

Mounting a wall-mounted heater is a simple and painless procedure. A wall-mounted heater may be readily installed in any kind of house, regardless of its size.


Although the majority of heat pump dryers cannot be wall mounted because of their heavy weight, there are still few that can. Additionally, they come with a slew of additional cutting-edge capabilities and are very simple to install.

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