Can Kallax Be Wall Mounted (Explained)

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KALLAX is a basic, elegant storage shelf system that does a lot more than keeping your stuff tacked away neatly. They transform your living space when placed on the floor and can also be converted into a desk. 

KALLAX shelves are available in a variety of sizes and colors and may be easily customized with a variety of doors, baskets, and dividers. The question on many people’s social circles is whether Kallax shelves can be wall-mounted.

In general, kallax shelves can be wall-mounted. They are a stylish shelving system that easily turns into a useful organizer when installed in any home. A versatile decorative storage shelving that is mountable high on a wall, attached to the two supplied brackets that go into the studs using wood screws.  

Kallax is lightweight; therefore, mounting on the wall is not a problem. There are several ideas in which you can mount the kallax to the wall. 

Why Is The Kallax Shelf Better Than You Think?

Ikea’s Kallax Shelf Unit is a popular addition to many people’s homes. this is because these shelves may be stored vertically or horizontally. Additionally, they are available in a variety of colors, are simple to build, and are reasonably priced.

Construct your KALLAX, flip it over, and just place your television on top. The really convenient aspect is that the open-back design allows you to conveniently store cables at the rear and provides space for storing essential things like remote controls, DVD players, gaming consoles, and listings magazines.

Kallax Wall Mounting Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

IKEA Kallax storage solutions will keep you tidy and add flair to your house. With Kallax wall mounting hacks, you can transform an ordinary cube shelf into something extraordinary.

Best of all, they are completely adjustable and very easy to construct, allowing you to create a design that is unique to you, your taste, and your house.

Divide your space

By placing it between two rooms, you can stylishly create separate zones for anything from a workplace to a reading corner. You may also include plenty of plants. In this manner, you’ll also bring vitality plus color to this particular location.

Furthermore, it’s a great option to stack these Kallax shelves 2 stories high, and this is highly applicable if you have towering ceilings. 

However, you do not have to live in a loft — just stacking shelves from floor to ceiling will create an amazing effect regardless of the height of your ceiling. It might be an incredible way to showcase a big collection of books, music, or periodicals.

What sizes does Kallax come in?

The Kallax series is available in a number of configurations and sizes, ranging from a tiny 2 x 2 cube or a massive 5 x 5 cube for a low price. They may be wall-mounted, placed horizontally, as well as placed vertically, and indeed, these are sturdy enough to sit on. The possibilities are limitless! 

Wall Mounting Ideas for Kallax Shelves

While we often think of Kallax shelves as floor-mounted, they may also be wall-mounted. 

This smart garage storage solution is ideal for organizing tools, but you can use a comparable hack to create wall shelves over a washer in a laundry room. It is advisable to secure these units to the wall with 265 lb toggle bolts.

Room Divider With Purpose

If you have a spacious living space or live in a house, you may wish to create additional privacy or barrier between rooms; in this case, a Kallax room divider is an excellent choice.

You’ll want to utilize inserts that are useful or attractive on both sides, but there are plenty of Kallax inserts and cabinets that will serve well for this.

Display Unit for the Living Room 

This is another easy but beautiful way to decorate your house with the Kallax 8 cube bookshelves. You may showcase your favorite books, vacation souvenirs, or decorations. The squares are big enough to accommodate quite a bit.

How To Do KALLAX Shelves in Small Spaces

Have you run out of space in your closet? One clever hack is to use the IKEA kallax as closet space. This clever hack from Ideas converts a standard shelf into an additional closet. 

To create, just attach a metal rail from one of IKEA’s mounting solutions, such as FINTORP or GRUNDTAL, to a securely mounted wall shelf.

The Complete Guide to Wall Mounting Your Kallax

You should use the following steps to mount your Kallax to the wall. 

  1. Make a note of the location of the wall studs using a stud finder.
  2. Make a note of the height of your shelf on the wall.
  3. Make two markings eight inches (20 centimeters) below the first.
  4. Drill holes in the bracket locations indicated.
  5. Place the metal bracket anchors in their designated locations.
  6. Screw two brackets into the upper trim of the shelf.

Things to consider before moving your Kallax

There is a lot to consider when looking to get a Kallax shelving system into your home, and some of the common ones include: 

Amount of Space to where it’s being moved

IKEA furniture is not the most disassembly-friendly. Prior to dismantling everything, check the area in your new house to verify everything fits. 

If not, you may want to abandon the furniture, trash it, or give it. 

Additionally, you may want to verify your relocation day form of transportation prior to disassembling any furniture. 

Many moving vans or trucks can transport complete IKEA furniture, so there’s no need to begin disassembling anything unless absolutely required.

  1. Size of the shelves

Once you begin removing screws and dowels from your IKEA furniture, the piece’s structural integrity will deteriorate – no surprise there. 

While this is generally not an issue with smaller items, it may become troublesome and even hazardous when dismantling bigger bookcases, beds, and other huge objects. 

Engage the assistance of a buddy or two to assist with the disassembly procedure. Simply having someone on hand for actual assistance may be a significant benefit.

  1. Little components of kallax

IKEA items often have a plethora of little components – dowels, screws, hooks, and plastic sachets, to name a few. 

Keep things together in a compact Ziploc bag for your own convenience’s sake. When finished, securely close the bag and mark it with the name of the piece of furniture it belongs to.

  1. Directions

While following the directions is usually necessary while assembling IKEA furniture, there is no need to save all of those documents. 

IKEA’s website includes downloadable PDF guidelines for every item they’ve released in the last several years. 

When you arrive at your new location, just do a search for the object you’re constructing and save the directions to your computer or phone.

  1. Keep the furniture in mind

IKEA screws, dowels, as well as other assembly components, may become somewhat brittle after being installed, removed, and reassembled many times. 

To prevent this, use extreme caution while disassembling your IKEA furniture. When reassembling, use sparingly with the screws, since they may easily shred the board, making it more difficult to “catch” and remain together.

What You Need for Wall Mounting Your Shelf

The following are the tools you will need for wall mounted shelves: 

Wall-mounted shelves.

  1. Drywall anchors.
  2. Stud finder.
  3. Brackets for shelves
  4. Screws.
  5. Standard level.
  6. Pencil.
  7. Measurement tape.


Kallax shelves are versatile shelves that may be utilized in a number of ways. Additionally, they may be hung on the wall, vertically, or horizontally. With a variety of mounting ideas, you may infuse your house with life.

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