Can you have a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse at the same time?

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With wireless Bluetooth keyboards and wireless mice taking over the tech market by storm,  many people are wondering whether or not they can use multiple Bluetooth devices simultaneously.

For example, most tech enthusiasts are wondering if it is possible to have a wireless mouse and wireless keyboard connected to a single laptop at the same time?

 In general, a Bluetooth keyboard and a wireless Bluetooth mouse can be used at the same time together. You can pair up two Bluetooth devices at once in order to have both of them working on your computer without any visible connection between them.

 Both the keyboard and the Bluetooth mouse will be able to connect to the computer using Bluetooth wireless connectivity, however it’s not recommended as connecting multiple Bluetooth to a computer can slow down the computer’s ability to process two wireless Bluetooth commands effectively. 

While both the wireless keyboard and wireless usb Bluetooth mouse can easily connect to any laptop it splits the resource thinly if not cause the computer keyboard malfunction

As a general guide,you must connect one or the other to your PC or laptop, but not both at the same time. This is because they will interfere with each other and cause issues like slow down when typing on your keyboard.

Overall, two bluetooth gadgets can connect to one laptop simultaneously! All that is required to pair a Bluetooth keyboard with a mouse on the same device is that both devices be turned on at the same moment and their bluetooth usb dongles must be plugged into the computer.

The two peripheral devices should instantly couple with the Bluetooth adapter on your computer when you turn on your PC.

In the Settings menu, you can control the Bluetooth devices you have connected.

Bluetooth technology is a remarkable advancement. It consumes very little power and lets us connect one gadget to another without the need for cables or other connectors.

It is not even necessary for the two devices to be in direct line of sight with one another for it to operate. The majority of individuals link their preferred keyboards or mouse to their PCs via the use of Bluetooth technology

Using this technology, you will be able to send control signals back and forth between the two. You may use the keys to open a new folder, type something on your computer, navigate and even manage things like the volume.

Another typical use for Bluetooth technology is the connection of a wireless mouse to a computer system.

You could use the mouse to click on items on your computer’s display without having to connect them to the computer through a wire.

The majority of contemporary Bluetooth devices can interact with up to eight additional devices at the same time.

So long as they are all within a 30-foot radius of one another, they may all be linked at the same time via Bluetooth.

How can all of these devices connect to a single computer, without interfering with the other devices’ connections?


You could be concerned about interfering with your work.

To avoid interfering with one another’s communications, the devices randomly choose from among the several frequencies accessible.

This occurs every few seconds to ensure that they can all operate without hindrance.

What is the best way to connect a Bluetooth keyboard and a mouse at the same time?


Smartphones, PCs, and tablets are all capable of connecting to several devices at the same time.

Bluetooth 5.0, the most recent Bluetooth communication standard, enables up to seven devices to connect to a single main device at the same time.

Each Bluetooth device has a set of profiles, which are what we call configurations.

This refers to the collection of capabilities that it has. When you use Bluetooth to connect more than a single device that has the same functional profile, your main device will allow you to select which device should be configured as the active device by default.

However, because your keyboard and mouse have distinct functional profiles, you can utilize them both at the same time without taking any further steps with them. Even if you attach a speaker while the other two are running, it will continue to operate correctly.

The steps involved in connecting several devices to a computer or smartphone are detailed below.

To utilize your keyboard and mouse simultaneously, you must set them both to discoverable mode. As a result, the peripheral devices will be able to communicate with your main device, which is the computer in this case.

Devices are not all created equal, and the procedure for placing a device into discoverable mode differs from one to another. For some, all that is required is that you switch them on.

Others have a button that allows them to be discovered. If you are unclear how your equipment works, it is usually beneficial to read the instructions.

Navigate to the Settings. To enable Bluetooth, go to the main menu and choose it there. Locate the button on your main device that turns on the Bluetooth functionality. To activate the capability, you only need to click the virtual button on the screen.


You can have a keyboard and mouse at the same time. They will not cause any interference. Don’t forget to double-check that your keyboard and mouse are in perfect operating condition. If this does not work, try unpairing the devices and repeating the procedure outlined here.

If the peripheral devices continue to fail to operate at the same time, you must determine whether or not they are functioning. Attempt to use them alone or in conjunction with another main device.

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