Can you have keyboard clicks on silent?

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As the use of smartphones continues to grow, both as a tool as well as a source of entertainment, more and more people are becoming inseparable with their gadgets. In the bedroom, in the office, and even when you go to a public toilet, a smartphone is always in our hands to keep up with what is going on around the globe.

But the one thing that is annoying for many smartphone users is the clicks and sound hepatics that a keyboard makes every time you type a message or even use it for other purposes. Is there a way you can have keyboard clicks on silent?

In general, keyboard clicks can be put on silent or enabled when you need to have them on. Smartphones enable or disable keyboard clicks sounds inside the settings where you can access sounds and hepatics settings .

But there are also certain keyboards that enable you to set whether they will make sounds or not. For example, Swiftkey keyboard allows the user to change the sounds of the clicks and typing on silent or enable them when needed. This way it simulates real keyboard functionalities. But this option does not exist for all word processing apps, and it is a good thing that most keyboards enable you to set whether or not they will make sounds.

It is also important to mention the fact that keyboards for computers and laptops also have this feature. So if you want the keyboard clicks on silent, but your smartphone does not offer this option, go to the settings menu of your computer and change the sound hepatics settings for your keyboard to silent.

It is also important to mention the fact that keyboards for computers and laptops also have this feature. So if you want the keyboard clicks on silent, but your smartphone does not offer this option, go to the settings menu of your computer and change the sound hepatics settings for your keyboard to silent.


Applications can also help to keep your keyboard quiet. many keyboard applications are coming up to fix this problem. The latest to join the long list of software is ” Quiet Hours “, an application specifically tuned for smartphones running on the Android operating system.

This application enables you to turn off all notifications wanted greater functionality from them. One such feature was the ability to use the device as remote controls for your computer.

This same feature has made its way to iOS 8 with Apple unveiling it during WWDC 2014 and has been one of the most awaited features ever since

The steps below which are for Mac OS X but there are similar options in Windows.

Step 1 – Open System Preferences on your Mac and click the “Sound” icon Step 2 – Click the “Output” tab at the top of this window Step 3 – Drag the slider next to ‘Play Feedback when the volume is changed to the left to turn off the sound Step 4 – Click OK

Following any of these options will let you have your keyboard clicks on silent.

All in all, it is good to keep your keyboard quiet while you are working on something important like an assignment or even while watching an interesting video. However, if you want some feedback when typing, you can always mute the keyboard sound when you are not using it!

Using Silent Keyboard On A Computer Keyboard

Apart from smartphone keyboards, computer keyboard clicks are equally annoying too. Therefore, choosing a silent keyboard for your laptop is another option to have your keyboard silent. With the use of silent keyboards, you will have to ensure that your device is capable of supporting one or not.

If your operating system does not support it, then there may be some formatting issues that are very hard to resolve without the help of a specialist who knows about this stuff.

Before telling you how to choose a silent keyboard for your laptop, you should know how to configure it. This can be done by going to the control panel and looking for the keyboard option along with the mouse options or else call a specialist technician to fix your laptop’s problems.

You will be presented with a plethora of default features, objects, and choices when you first purchase and begin using a smartphone. These include things like settings and backgrounds. You can, of course, adjust any of these settings to make your smartphone experience even more personalized. 

When typing, we may also customize the click sound that we hear when tapping the keyboard. Some individuals like the haptic touch sound that the keyboard produces while they are typing on the keyboard. Some people, on the other hand, may want to have this option active even while their phone is in quiet mode. Is this something that can be done?

Keyboard clicks are often a function of the operating system. This implies that when the system sound is turned off or disabled, the keyboard clicks will also be turned off or disabled. As of right now, there is no method to get around this problem.

The keyboard click sound is enabled by default on the majority of Android and iOS devices, however, it may be turned off.

Many people like the click sound on the virtual keyboard since it gives them an outstanding typing experience that is practically identical to that of typing on a real keyboard (physical keyboard).

Not This keyboard click sound concept has been met with universal approval; some users are even somewhat concerned by the sound, and they prefer to write in quiet mode rather than audibly. You get the standard feedback when typing, such as text that appears when you hit a key and a clicking sound every time you touch a key, while you’re typing on your phone.

Due to the lack of tactile feedback, the latter is intended to simulate the sound of typing on a traditional keyboard. However, given how many of us are used to typing on screens, hearing this constantly may get irritating.

How to Turn off the Keyboard Clicks

There are two types of individuals in the world: those who like the sound of a smartphone’s keypad tapping and those who do not. You may quickly turn off the keyboard sound on Android and iPhone, which are both pre-configured to have the sound turned on by default. Let’s take a look at how to turn off the keyboard sound on Gboard, SwiftKey, Samsung, and Apple keyboards, among other devices.

Fortunately, there is a method to turn it off completely if you choose. Go to Settings > Sounds and scroll down to the very bottom of the screen on an iOS device. In this section, you will find an option to mute keyboard clicks and lock noises.

If you want to take things a step further, you may personalize your keyboard settings. More keyboard customization options may be found by selecting Settings > General > Keyboard from the main menu. Self-explanatory functions such as auto-correction and auto-capitalization are disabled, while others such as Enable Caps Lock prohibit you from entering messages in full capitals if you want to do so. Turning off Character Preview eliminates the annoying popup animation that appears every time you touch a key. The Sounds portion of the Settings menu gives the opportunity to control the keyboard clicking sound. If the setting is deactivated, boosting the device’s volume has no influence on the clicking sound.

If you’re using an Android device, you can do the same thing by heading to Settings > Language & input > Google Keyboard (or whichever keyboard you’ve chosen) > Preferences. You’ll be able to switch off vibration and sound at any moment by pressing a key in this section.

There are a plethora of additional settings accessible to you under the keyboard menu as well. The most visible of them are Text Correction, which is self-explanatory, and Advanced, which regulates the length of a long press after it has been released. You may lower the amount of time it takes for a letter to change to a different character from 700 milliseconds to 100 milliseconds.


The keyboard clicks will give you an audible sound when using the keyboard. This feature can easily be turned on and off in your phone’s settings as explained above. You may also refer to your phone manual for more details. Take note that when Silent mode is on, this feature will be off, and there is no way to turn it back on after that.

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