Can You Use a Husqvarna Chain on A Stihl Chainsaw?(explained)

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The compatibility of the Husqvarna chains going on a Stihl chainsaw has been the topic of many debates, and we will attempt to give you a conclusive answer. If we’re not mistaken, the first time Husqvarna chains were used on Stihl saws was in 1995.

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As a general answer, Husqvarna chains can go on a Stihl chainsaw. Though they can fit onto the Stihl chainsaw perfectly, these two chainsaw brands use different standard pitch sizes.

Those are some of the things you will need to be aware of before attempting to mount a Husqvarna chain on a Stihl chainsaw.

All Stihl chainsaws have a standard pitch of 3/8″ on the drive links, the chain gauge is about 50. Husqvarna uses a standard pitch of .325″ and chain gauge of 52 on its chains. Though this works just fine on Stihl chainsaws, the problem won’t arise during usage, but after.

As a general rule of thumb, it’s a good idea not to use non-OEM parts on your chainsaw as they can cause serious problems down the road.

In addition, Husqvarna chains have a slightly different cutting depth and drive links design compared to Stihl chains, which causes the chain to turn slightly differently on Stihl chainsaws. These differences can lead to problems with tensioning and vibration.

If you would like to put a Husqvarna chain on your Stihl chainsaw, go right ahead as it will fit well. In fact, it will fit well enough not to cause any problems during usage, but you will more than likely experience some issues after.

If you need to purchase a new chain for your Stihl chainsaw, I suggest that you use an OEM Stihl part as it is better suited for your specific saw model.

If Husqvarna chains are what you prefer, though the drive links will fit a Stihl saw, the problem arises when you attempt to put them on.

For this reason, I suggest that if you feel the need to buy a Husqvarna chainsaw, might as well purchase a new one as it’s going to be cheaper in the long run.

As far as your specific model goes, the Husqvarna chains for the 361, 372XP and 395XP models will fit a Stihl saw, but not all Husqvarna chains can be used with a Stihl chainsaw.

Overall, it is possible to use a Husqvarna chain on a Stihl chainsaw. You must, however, ensure that you have a bar that will fit on your saw before proceeding. Saws are made in a variety of shapes and sizes. Because of this, you must use a bar that is compatible with the chainsaw’s various chain combinations.

However, when you get the Husqvarna a chain, you must ensure that you are aware of the pitch and gauge that your bar is capable of withstanding. Similar to this, you’ll need to know how many links are in the chain.

Factors to consider if you want to use Husqvarna chain on a Stihl chainsaw


Length of the bar

When it comes to describing a model, producers often refer to the length of its bars. For instance, a 20-inch chainsaw with a 20-inch bar is a 20-inch saw. From the point when the bar departs the saw’s case to the tip of the bar, this is how long it is in actuality measured. Even numbers are used to represent the length of a bar measurement. 

The most typical chain saw bar diameters are 16 to 20 inches, however, saws may be found in a variety of lengths ranging from 10 to 42 inches in length. It is important to understand that selecting a new chain only based on bar size doesn’t take into account all of the other aspects that impact how well the chain will suit your saw.


Number of Drive Lugs

According to Stihl, drive lugs, which are also known as drive links, are found somewhere under the chain. Because drive lugs sit in a slot machine on the edge of the bar, they are normally not visible. Drive lugs, which hold the drive cog under the saw’s casing, enable the chain to revolve anywhere along the bar while the saw is in operation. 

Only a little amount of slack remains in the chain, allowing you to raise it away from the bar. Calculated the number of driving lugs that are present chain to determine its length. When it comes to replacement chains, this value is one component of a more precise method of defining total chain length than just measuring the length of the bar.


The Pitch of the Chain

When it comes to characterizing chain length, the pitch is another component to consider. This simply stands for the distance in between three rives responsible for holding links. Thus, this gives you a correct representation of the chain’s length. 


Gauge for Chains

The gauge of a drive lug is the actual thickness of the lug. When the lug is too thick, the chain will get stuck as it attempts to travel around the bar. When the gauge is too thin, the chain slips, resulting in a potentially hazardous scenario where chains may leap off of the track while the machine is running. Measurements in millimeters are accomplished using a chain gauge, which is a tiny unit of measurement. As a consequence, using dial calipers rather than a tape measure is the most precise method of taking gauge measurements.

Adapting bars and Fitting a Husqvarna bar on Stihl Chainsaw


Even though the Husqvarna and the Stihl are incompatible and also have separate mounts, it is feasible to adapt them to work together.

To do this, you may make use of adapters as well as adjust the tail of the bar.

An adapter is merely a tiny metal area that may be used to minimize the width of the mounting slot on a bar or other piece of equipment. If you want to utilize the Stihl bars with the Husqvarna

Grinding or machining the mounting slot to make it wider is practically required when modifying a bar. This becomes more difficult to replicate than simulating using an adapter and will need the use of a milling machine or possibly a drill press.

Stihl chain vs Husqvarna chain

When it comes to chainsaws, both Husqvarna and Stihl are high quality brands designed for professional use. However some people prefer one over the other due to different reasons. For this reason it is important to know some of their design differences in order to determine which best suits your work style.

Stihl chains are engineered with a proprietary anti-vibration system. This means that the chain does not need to be tensioned as often and will stay sharp longer. This is perfect for someone who prefers a quick job with little downtime from the saw.

Husqvarna chains, on the other hand, have been built with a stronger cutting performance in mind. The standard ratio of power to weight is lower in these chains than in the Stihl chains. This means that you can use a faster and more aggressive cutting motion.

However, it should be noted that neither saws will perform better than the other due to design differences, so choose your chainsaw depending on what kind of work you do and personal preference .

The only way to get both of these chains on the same saw is to have a Husqvarna model that uses a .404″ pitch, such as the 545 and 575 models. Unfortunately, there are no Stihl saws currently on the market with this pitch.

Husqvarna chain

The  original Husqvarna model chainsaws were introduced to the market in 1955. Over the years, these saws have been continually improved and redesigned for a better user experience. The designs were recognized by both professionals and general users alike due to their ease of use, durability and high-quality materials.

Stihl chain

The Stihl brand of chainsaws was first introduced to the market in 1924, though it wasn’t until 1940 that the company began developing their own saws. Since then they have continued to innovate and improve all aspects of these tools for increased comfort and functionality .

Which is better?

Both brands are equally good when designed for the right purpose. They truly are high quality machines with many unique features to suit different types of people.

Stihl chainsaws are more lightweight than Husqvarna saws but they do not have quite as much power or durability.

On the other hand, Husqvarna saws are built for increased durability and high performance which makes them heavier than Stilh saws.

If you are looking for a lightweight saw with less power for some casual cutting, then Stihl is the better option. However if you need something that can outlast extreme conditions and resist damage to the engine, then Husqvarna is more likely to be your best choice .

What about replacement chains?

When it comes to chains, both brands can be used on either saws. Replacement chains for both brands are available even though they might not always be carried at the same hardware store or outdoor retail shop .

For example, you can get replacement Husqvarna chains at any Stihl dealer but if you find yourself in an emergency situation without a replacement chain then you will not be able to find one for Stihl chainsaws at most Husqvarna outlets .

So can you or can’t you use a Husqvarna chain on a Stihl chainsaw?

You certainly can use Husqvarna chains with Stihl saws, but it is important to make sure that the two brands are compatible. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to use Stihl chains on Husqvarna saws because of the difference in pitch sizes.



Most Husqvarna chainsaws may be used on a Stihl chainsaw, and vice versa. In a similar vein, various Husqvarna bards can be installed on Stihl saws to increase their versatility. The Husqvarna chainsaw on a Stihl, on the other hand, requires that you get familiar with the bar and make specific changes to the bar before it can be used.

The Husqvarna bars, on the other hand, have small mounting slots, which makes it a bit more difficult to place the slots on the Husqvarna bars themselves. As a result, another difficult component is that utilizing an adaptor or a drill will not suffice in this situation.

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