Can you use Guitar Amp for Keyboard?

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The difference between guitar amps and those used for keyboards is not that different to the untrained eyes, from the outset they both look the same. It is only if you are an expert musician that will tell otherwise, but can you use Guitar Amp for Keyboard?

In general, guitar amps can be used for keyboards. However, they are not ideal as they are generally built to only handle guitar frets and it is not designed to cater for the wider key, but you can still use them.

The only thing that will change is that the decibel range of a guitar amp is much lower than that of a keyboard, so it may sound much quieter than usual.

However, you can buy decibel boosters for amps (my favorite on Amazon) just like those used for keyboards.

You can use an amp designed for guitar, but you will need to boost up the decibel so that it is more suitable for the keyboard.

Standard amps are usually built with power amplifiers of 20 watts or less. Guitar amps are only useable in live performances and cannot be used during recording sessions where sound quality is important.

How can one tell which amps are built for guitars and those for keyboards?

The answer lies in the small details, so let us tackle this question head on to see whether it really makes a difference or not.

The design of cabinets

On the outside, keyboards are generally slimmer than guitars. The amplifiers are placed on top of the cabinet making it easier to carry. For guitars, they are placed at the bottom for better balance and handling.

A cabinet that supports a drive can hold around 100 watts of power, while those designed only to give your voice an added boost are only capable of handling around 5 watts.

Cables used in guitars are generally sturdier than those made for keyboards, but it is wise to check at the base where you will plug in your instrument. If it looks like a guitar amp, then you can consider using it.

The audio plugs may look different, but they have the same basic function. You can easily use both without facing any complications with regard to how it looks from outside.

The power supply is also a big hint on what it is designed for, a keyboard amp will most likely be powered by an AC adapter while guitar amps use batteries.

If you want to play around with your guitar amps, keep it to make your music sound better. The higher volume can be used when you need to fill large venues with music.

Amplifiers are like mirrors; they reflect what is inside them. If the cabinet looks dented or if it has been patched up any many places, then chances are high that there is something wrong with it.

If you don’t want to purchase two different amplifiers, it is best if you can replace the speakers with those designed for keyboards (high favorites amps on Amazon). This way, you will make your guitar amplifier suitable for keyboard use.

Keyboard Amp vs Guitar Amp

Where you compare a keyboard amplifier to a guitar amplifier, the former is more powerful, durable and versatile. A guitar amp can only be used for guitars while a keyboard amp can cater to keyboards as well as other instruments.

It may not be ideal for recording purposes but it should not pose any problems during live performances or parties where a lot of noise is expected. It is always best to check the specifications of the amp before purchasing it, especially if you are looking to use it for both keyboards and guitars.

A guitar amp will only give your music an added boost (like when using vocals microphones) while a keyboard amplifier gives off an even sound with better projection abilities.

You can also purchase speakers that are designed for keyboard amps (such as the LyxPro SPA-8 Compact 8″ or the Marshall Stanmore on Amazon) as replacements for those in your guitar amp to make it more suitable for keyboards.

Note: For beginners, using a starter kit like this one( on Amazon) is the best option as long as it is used based on the best setup correct for your needs and with the right connections, otherwise it may not work. You can also buy adapters that will allow you to plug in a keyboard to a guitar amp, but it is best to make sure that the amps are similar in terms of power.

Playing around with an amplifier without having some knowledge on how they work can be very dangerous, so please consult our post about Guitar Amp Setup before doing anything else.

A guitar amplifier is a device that is used to enhance the signal produced by any kind of instrument. These amplifiers are available in two different configurations. Amplifiers with speakers or amplifiers with a single power source are also options. Keyboards are not intended to be played with guitar amplifiers.

Despite the fact that guitar amplifiers are not ideal for use with keyboards, if you have the necessary expertise, you may be able to utilize them for your keyboards. Furthermore, guitar amplifiers are meant to handle high frequencies, but keyboards are built to deal with low frequencies.

As a result, utilizing guitar amplifiers for your keyboards is not the greatest decision since they may not be able to manage these low frequencies.

In addition to the fact that keyboards often have a high output and include a lot of bass, you should avoid using your guitar amps for keyboards. Therefore, there is a potential that utilizing a guitar amplifier may cause your speakers to blow out completely. It’s possible that your amplifier is capable of handling this high power. The bass, on the other hand, may not be able to handle it.

What are the differences between a guitar amplifier and a keyboard amplifier?

If you have to choose between a guitar amp and a keyboard amp, it might be a very tough decision to make. Guitar amplifiers and keyboard amplifiers do not operate in the same way. There are a number of variances between the two of them. However, the most significant distinction between the two is the number of effects and inputs available.

Keyboard amplifiers will, in most cases, produce sound with relatively minimal levels of distortion. This ensures that every note can be zoned out easily and that the keys are projected perfectly on the screen.

You can utilize keyboard amplifiers on a variety of instruments, including guitars, thanks to their versatility. The guitar amplifier, on the other hand, could be difficult to adapt for usage with other instruments. It is possible to obtain a distorted sound if you utilize the guitar amp function on your keyboard, for example.

In terms of amplification, keyboard amplifiers have difficulties, however, guitar amplifiers do not have any problems with amplification.

Guitar pumps will almost always need you to have a single or separate speaker, while keyboard amplifiers are most often sold as a set of two.

The inputs of keyboard amplifiers and guitar amplifiers are distinct from one another. Typically, a guitar amplifier will only have a single input, but a keyboard amplifier would have many inputs to accommodate different instruments. This allows you to use a single amplifier to power many keyboards at the same time.

Why is it necessary to use a Keyboard-Specific Amplifier in this situation?

You will reap several advantages from using a keyboard amplifier rather than a guitar amplifier to power your keyboard instrument. A keyboard amplifier is a kind of amplifier that is specifically built to accommodate the frequencies produced by the keyboard. It follows that there is no need to be concerned about anything involving your keyboard blowing up!

Furthermore, the sound that you will receive from utilizing a keyboard amplifier is superior and will not be comparable to the sound that you would get from any other kind of amplifier that is not specifically designed for your keyboard.

As a result, if you are a keyboard player, you will undoubtedly want an amplifier that is particularly created for your keyboard, as there is a wide range of frequency and you will hear more synthetic sounds as well as electric tones with an amplifier of this kind.


Overall, guitar amplifiers are not suitable for use with keyboards. This is due to the fact that guitar amplifiers are specifically intended for high frequencies and will not be able to withstand the low frequencies produced by keyboards.

Unlike a guitar amplifier, which can only be used to raise the sound of a single instrument or a single keyboard at a time, a keyboard amplifier may be used to cover many instruments and several keyboards at the same time. Furthermore, it will provide you with a sound that has the least amount of distortion.

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