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If you are up for cleaning your keyboard and other gaming peripherals, you need an effective, safe and fast drying cleaning agent that wont put your keyboard at risk. After a long research online and popular forums.

Lysol spray kept coming up as an excellent disinfectant as well as a sanitizer to have on hand for delicate computer peripherals like keyboards. But, how safe is it to use Lysol on a computer keyboard? Is it possible to put Lysol spray on a keyboard, though? 


In general, Lysol spray can be used on your keyboard. When using Lysol spray as a keyboard cleaning agent, you will need to take certain care, as you would with any other device. Make certain that you do not spray Lysol directly on your keyboard while using it, since this might result in too much liquid entering your keyboard. As a consequence, the whole system may be damaged as a result of the short circuit.

As a result, avoid spraying it straight onto your keyboard, as this might do significant damage. To do it correctly, you must either disconnect or remove your keyboard’s battery, depending on how you want to proceed.

The keyboard of your laptop should be cleaned with Lysol, so you should turn it off and disconnect the keyboard as well as remove the battery before you begin cleaning it.

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After that, take a tiny piece of fabric or a rag and saturate it with the Lysol solution. Be careful not to let the material get saturated with Lysol; it should be slightly moist instead.

It should not contain so much Lysol that when the rag is pressed, not a single drop of Lysol should flow out of the opening. Replacement material will need to be obtained if some drips are coming out of it.

Then, using the cloth, wipe down your keyboard, being sure to wipe off every portion of the keyboard. This will assist you in achieving your goals while also ensuring that the area does not extend into areas where it might easily harm your keyboard and render it inoperable.

You should wait several hours to ensure that your keyboard has completely dried before considering turning it back on.

Furthermore, you may also want to invest in air spray cans to help in keeping the areas between the buttons clean and free of any debris.


The most effective method to apply Lysol on a keyboard

To clean a standard keyboard, you must first disconnect it from your computer or remove the battery. After that, you may flip it inverted to shake off the dirt, utilize compressed air to blast away any dust, as well as clean tiny places with wipes.

Remember to switch off your laptop and disconnect it from the power source before you begin cleaning the keyboard to avoid any potential harm. If at all feasible, you should consider removing the battery from your laptop.

To begin, eliminate any suspended particles by flipping your keyboard upside down over a garbage can and lightly rattling or striking the bottom of the keyboard to clear it. All dust bits or food fragments will tumble out as a result of this action. Shake it from sideways as well as at various angles to remove any extra dirt or crumbs that have accumulated.

It is, however, never recommended to use any cleaning solutions that include bleach. The protective layer on the keys may be damaged as a result of this. Therefore, make use of Lysol Spray Spray on a piece of cloth, rather than directly on the keyboard, as well as wipe it clean with it first.

One thing you want to do is make sure that any liquid does not get close to the components inside your keyboard because if this happens it might mix with the dirt and therefore interfere with the operation of your keyboard and affect the keys from working properly. 



Lysol spray can be used on your keyboard in general. You must exercise caution when using Lysol spray as a keyboard cleaning agent, just as you would with any other device. While using Lysol, avoid spraying it directly on your keyboard, as this may result in too much liquid entering your keyboard. As a result of the short circuit, the entire system may be damaged.

According to the majority of research, a computer keyboard is a breeding ground for germs. Therefore, disinfection is quite vital, and one of the things you may use is Lysol spray to do this. However, to take advantage of this, you must not do it immediately.

First, spray it on a cloth or paper towels, and then wipe clean the keyboard with the cloth or paper towels. That sloppy liquid is detrimental to it. To avoid crumbs from becoming mush, you need to flip the container upside down and shake it well before cooking.

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