Can you Use WD40 on Keyboard?

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In addition to lubricating and protecting against rust, WD40 is one of the most widely used products in the world. Wd40 is generally a mixture of several compounds as well as lubricating oils. Mineral oil is one of the elements that is found in this product.

Other compounds include petroleum jelly, carbon dioxide, alkanes, and so many other compounds. Because of its widespread usage in a variety of devices, many people are curious as to whether wd40 can be used to lubricate keyboards. 


As a general rule, WD-40 should not be used on keyboard keys. This is because WD40 is quite viscous, and when used on keyboards, it causes the switches to become gooey, as it may seep into the small sections and cause buildup. Additionally, it will render the switches on your keyboard inoperable, rendering the keyboard’s keys unresponsive. 

The reasons why wd40 can not be used on keyboard keys are discussed in greater detail later in the post.


Reasons why WD40 is not great for Keyboards

There are many reasons why WD40 is not a good option for keyboards.

Because of its ability to enter microscopic spaces, WD-40 is not the greatest option for keyboards.

The low viscosity of wd40 is the primary reason why it is not suitable for use in keyboard applications. As a result, a thin covering will be formed, which may cause the item to dry out. As a consequence, if you want to reduce friction, WD40 may not be the best option since it can create the buildup as well as the drying up of lubricant, which will lead to wear and tear over time.

WD40 is capable of penetrating surfaces or specials that are very small. Consequently, it may also migrate into the wires, where it may create short circuits and other difficulties.

The majority of keyboard switches are constructed of plastics and rubbers, and since wd4p includes hydrocarbons, it will not function well on keyboards.

Wd40 has the potential to harm several different sections of your keyboard. Wd40 will leave sticky residues on the keys of your computer keyboard. This is a fantastic device for dispensing water; but, it does not function well as a lubricant.

Wd40 contains petrol is not recommended for use on plastics since the petrol may end up dissolving your switches over time, resulting in them being unable to properly function.


Wd40 alternatives

It is possible that you will have to check into the alternatives to using WD40 to lubricate your keyboard components if you do not want to use the product that is advised for this purpose. It is also advised that you use silicone-based lubrication sprays on your keyboard; however, even those should be thoroughly tested.

One of the most effective lubricants for your keyboard is one that is specifically created for the keyboard switches; this will provide more advantages to your computer. You may select items that will not have any negative impacts on your computer, but the output must be enhanced in some way.

The following are a few of the top options you may experiment with:

Krytox 205H0 is a synthetic rubber compound. This is a fantastic lubricant for greasing the switches on your computer keyboard. It has a thick, greasy texture, as well as a butterfly taste to it, which is unique.

Tribosys 3203. This is an amazing option if you have switches that are tactile or spring-loaded.

Krytox GPL105. This is less viscous as compared to the WD-40. It’s also a great choice for switch springs because it does not cause the springs to become clogged.

To lubricate your keyboards, you may also use disinfection wipes or microfiber towels that have been covered with diluted running alcohol to clean and disinfect them. You must never use anything that contains bleach for your keyboard.



Wd40 cannot be typed in on a computer keyboard. Choosing to utilize wd40 on your keyboard may result in you causing more difficulties for your keyboard rather than benefitting from doing so. wd40 is viscous, and it may infiltrate the gaps in your keyboard, making them become unresponsive. This is the most prevalent explanation for this. The finest lubricant to use on a keyboard is one that is oil-based in nature. 

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