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When your computer keyboard has all keys frozen and only shortcuts working, it can be very frustrating. It is important to identify what peripheral is malfunctioning and then fix it.

To check the keyboard itself, reset your computer (If you’re using Windows you can press Ctrl + Alt + Del) and then restart the computer again. If that doesn’t solve the problem you should try changing your keyboard’s connection by unplugging it and plugging it again in its place (or if possible use another port this time).

It could also be a faulty keyboard that needs replacement. Your last option would be to replace the motherboard of your computer since it’s most likely broken.

When your mouse or touchpad isn’t working, make sure there are no loose cables between them and their ports. If they still don’t work, try restarting your computer and checking if they’re turned on.

Change their ports if that doesn’t work it’s time to replace them.

If the problem is with your touch screen you should first check its cables and then change them if needed. If it’s still not working after all this you’ll have to replace the motherboard of your computer.

Are you concerned that the key you are hitting is a shortcut to something and you are not able to type? Most likely, your window key shortcuts aren’t functioning properly at this time. The shortcut mode on your keyboard is, in fact, locked.

Even if you are working, the clicking phenomena would seem to be completely normal, but certain keys would continue to malfunction in the manner in which they should. In most cases, just shutting down or restarting the computer will not resolve the problem at hand. You must instead follow the steps outlined below in order to terminate the shortcut mode of your keyboard.

By hitting two or more keys at the same time, the shortcut keyboard will assist you in achieving a particular objective. It is not necessary to choose a specific choice in order to perform a function; instead, hitting two or three keys will accomplish the same result.

If you wish to shut down your computer rather than navigating to the start menu and clicking the power button, to choose a shutdown option, you may do it by pressing the power button. The Alt key and the F4 button must be pressed at the same time to complete the task. In addition, you may accomplish your objective by selecting the Shutdown option.


A Workaround for a Keyboard That Is Stuck in Shortcut Mode


Normally, if the keyboard is not in shortcut mode, you would press a window key or the control key followed by some other key to execute a shortcut operation on the computer. If there is a problem with the window key, each button you click will result in a shortcut being shown. It is necessary to resolve the problems with your window key in order to exit shortcut mode. It would be beneficial if you could attempt to release a button that is causing the problem.

The second approach to the problem of missing shortcut keys is to experiment with using an external keyboard. If the keyboard on your computer is stuck and you are unable to find out what is wrong with it, you may attach another keyboard to the USB connection and use it in place of the stuck keys. You may also get your desired result by using a different keyboard layout or layouts.

Sticky keys serve the same purpose as shortcut keys and are thus interchangeable. The only variation is that in sticky key mode, you push each key sequentially, while in shortcut mode, you hit each key individually. If you find yourself trapped in a shortcut mode, this may be the source of your sticky keys.

A menu will display if you press the Shift key five times in a row. To turn off the sticky keys, go to the settings menu and choose “Disable sticky keys.” You’ll also be able to get out of shortcut mode using this method.

If your keyboard is locked in shortcut mode, you may alternatively utilize an on-screen keyboard to enter text. It is very useful even if you do not have access to an external keyboard. This on-screen keyboard is extremely convenient. It is possible to utilize this on-screen keyboard to accomplish your urgent duties while you wait for expert assistance in repairing your keyboard entirely.

If you want to verify whether the problem with your keyboard is caused by stuck keys or not, you may do so by visiting the following link: Stopped keys are shown on a sample keyboard, and a clicking sound will be heard if there is a problem with stuck keys. Continual clicking sounds are an indication that some of the keys are not functioning properly. You will be able to resolve the problem with your keyboard after you have figured it out.

In a nutshell, you may resolve your shortcut keyboard problems by following the instructions provided. Try a different approach if you are unable to resolve your keyboard problem by following one approach alone.

Alternatively, if you are still unable to determine the source of the problem, you must take your keyboard to a specialist to get the issue resolved. Hopefully, these many approaches will assist you in effectively removing your keyboard from shortcut mode without the need to see a specialist.


List of Shortcut Keys and the Functions They Perform


If you have a thorough understanding of the different shortcut keys, you will find your job much more manageable. The following are some examples of shortcut keys and their functions:

Shortcut keys are used to perform certain functions.

  • Ctrl+S: It is beneficial while saving a document.
  • Ctrl+C: It facilitates the copying of a chosen text.
  • Ctrl+V It enables you to paste previously copied text.
  • Alt+F4 It provides you with access to the power menu.
  • Ctrl+N It makes it easier to open a new tab.



To summarize, as much as shortcut keys are a gift, they may also be a source of frustration. In the event that your keyboard is not functioning correctly and every button you click results in a shortcut result, this indicates that your keyboard has been trapped in shortcut mode.

If you use one of the ways listed above, you may disable the shortcut mode on your keyboard. You may also try using a different keyboard to see whether the problem is caused by your keyboard or anything else.

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