Common Reasons Why Does My Airdrop Not Work?

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Airdrop is one of the most useful tools you’ll discover on a Mac, iPhone, or iPad. When you have several iOS devices, you may utilize this capability to share and transport files across them. 

You will be able to share things like photos, documents, and music with other people. When you use Airdrop, you may sometimes notice that the airdrop is not working. So, why does my airdrop not work?

On Apple devices, Airdrop files not working is most commonly caused by devices sharing files not running the latest version of iOS software, devices not connected to the same home network, or a bug after firmware upgrades that causes the devices to share files to be corrupted.


An error in the software driver that prevents Airdropped files from being automatically redirected to their proper storage location can cause Airdropped files to fail.

Connecting your Apple devices to the same home network and keeping their firmware up to date are both helpful when receiving or sending an airdrop file.

There are a few things to keep in mind when using airdrop to send and receive files.


Your phone’s Photos app can save pictures you receive via airdrop; videos you receive via airdrop will not be saved in the Photos app.


When attempting to use airdrop, you may run into a number of issues. Since system upgrades and bug patches are both included in updated software, this may help eliminate security concerns.


A number of factors may contribute to your airdrop not functioning on your device, and you will want to be aware of all of these factors to be able to get your airdrop operating properly again.


When airdrop does not operate on your device, one of the most common reasons is that your Bluetooth connection is not operating properly. In this case, you will want to ensure that your devices both have Bluetooth turned on. 

To do this, you must first open the settings application on your devices and choose Bluetooth from the list, then enable connections.


Next, make certain that AirDrop is enabled. Choose General from the Settings app, and then AirDrop from the drop-down menu. You may then choose whether you want AirDrop to be accessible to everyone within reach or just to people in your phone contacts. 

If you need to fix the issue fast, select Everyone to see if it will help to solve it. Another option is to switch AirDrop off and on again until it reconnects – to turn AirDrop off, pick Receiving Off from the drop-down menu.


Then, ensure that the device to which you would like to AirDrop is likewise set for Everyone access. If your two devices are located at a distance from one another, move them closer together in case they are somewhat out of reach.


On a Mac computer, how do you resolve AirDrop not working?


You first need to check that your Mac is in discoverable mode. To check these settings, you should go to your airdrop settings. In the menu, you should choose finder and then use this to find airdrop. 

Here, you must pick finder in the sidebar menu and then change the settings on who can find you using airdrop in the part that says “allow me to be discovered” Then choose if you would like everyone or only your contacts to discover you. 


Pick “Everyone” from the drop-down menu. This will make sure everyone within the same range can send files through airdrop to your device. 


You must also check that your Mac is connected to your Bluetooth and Wifi. After that, you’re all set. If you are failing to use airdrop, to 

see whether you can reconnect, you might try switching the computer off and on again.


Sometimes, your firewall settings may be causing the problem. Therefore, you will need to make sure to see your firewall settings and configure them to permit new connections as well as existing ones. 


So, what should you do if AirDrop is still not functioning properly?

Trying rebooting your iPhone, iPad, or Mac may help if AirDrop is still not functioning after you have followed the instructions above.

You should consider updating the software on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac to the most recent version available. Sometimes, the reason your airdrop is not working could be because you are running on outdated software on your device,


How does airdrop work?


Essentially, airdrop works by making use of Bluetooth to detect devices that are within a certain range and then using a WiFi signal to transfer the material with another device. The ability to share connections with other devices at a distance of up to 30 feet is possible with airdrop. The airdrop service makes use of the cellular connection on your device if WiFi is not accessible.


As a general rule, if you’re having trouble sharing files via Airdrop with an iOS device that is not up to date or connected to the same home network as the other device in question, it’s most likely because of an issue with the firmware after an update.

An error in the software driver that prevents Airdropped files from being automatically redirected to their proper storage location can cause Airdrop files to fail.
Maintaining current firmware on your Apple devices and connecting them to the same wireless network at home are therefore helpful when receiving or sending an airdrop file.
Depending on the type of file you receive via airdrop, the location of your files can vary.

Your phone’s Photos app can save pictures you receive via airdrop; videos you receive via airdrop will not be saved.

The use of airdrop may be met with a number of difficulties. A significant number of system improvements and bug patches are included in regularly updated software, and these together may help to eliminate security concerns in some situations.

There are a variety of reasons why airdrop may not function correctly on your smartphone; however, the majority of the time it is due to problems with Bluetooth connection or incorrect configuration of the settings on your device. Check to ensure that your Bluetooth settings are correct and that your Bluetooth is turned on before continuing. You may also want to think about rebooting your device if that does not work.

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