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CoreUM – is a cloud-based meeting planner and appointment scheduling software that helps users automate meetings with automation. When set up, the app will automatically find and book time slots, send out invitations and reminders and collect responses all through email and SMS. CoreUM makes communicating with people as easy as texting them on their mobile phones.

CoreUM is a platform that allows users to communicate directly to other attendees by phone or chat without the need of worrying about an app download or any setup.

CoreUM software features Individual Plan and Corporate Plan. What you will like the most about this cloud meeting scheduling software is that it has an iCal calendar integration and other time management features. The latter gives you the ability to manage your staff’s time and activities.

With CoreUM, users can easily create a meeting or event with those who have already registered on the app. Their service is fee-free and there are no additional charges and hidden fees (like some other software).

They also offer helpful video tutorials for newbies. for efficient meeting planning. CoreUM also includes quorum management for optimal control over the user experience and makes it the best appointment scheduling app in the market.

If you are on the market looking for the most flexible cloud-based meeting planner and appointment scheduling software that helps users easily automate meetings with ease, then CoreUM meeting automation software is the best.

CoreUM Software allows you to automate your meetings

The corporation program allows management to personalize its settings for the optimum experience. Contacts can be organized and assigned different roles to ensure that planning meetings is stress-free and documents may be instantly uploaded and accessed.

About CoreUM

CoreSolutions Software is a Canadian software development and product management firm founded in 1989. The functions that make CoreUM software stand out from the competition is functions such as attendance management, board meetings, invitation management, materials management, presentation preparation tools, scheduling, and voting management.

CoreUM is a cloud-based software for program scheduling applications. CoreUM features several functions such as automated room bookings, quorum management, and other time management features. The latter gives users control over which activities staff should participate in.

CoreUM allows users to create a meeting or event with those who have already registered on their site.

CoreUM Integration APIs

At the core of every modern meeting and scheduling software, the ability for any application to integrate widely with other applications is vital. No wonder that many readers have been asking if CoreUM has APIs.

In general, CoreUM has no APIs. They will not add any API support for users of iOS or Android platforms or other third-party applications.

The CoreUM software developers have said they currently do not have plans of adding API support for Windows or Mac operating systems.

While this may sound like bad news, there are always workarounds. One of them is to use Zapier, which can connect CoreUM with many other apps (including Gmail). There’s also IFTTT (If This Then That) that can bridge the lack of APIs.

If CoreUM is not your Ideal meeting scheduling software, there are other popular cloud-based meeting software applications that you may want to check out such as Doodle, TimeBridge, and MeetingBurner.

Doodle Vs CoreUM

While Doodle and CoreUM cloud software share many similarities, there are some things you should know about before making a choice. Some important factors to consider include:

1. Price and Pricing Plans – Doodle has free as well as paid plans. CoreUM offers pricing for both individual and corporate plans.

2. Number of Scheduling Options – Doodle has its own set of calendar views that show you what other people are doing. CoreUM, on the other hand, integrates with Google Calendar and shares individual calendars with users you’re expecting for a meeting or event.

3. Number of Attendees – Doodle requires that all attendees be invited to any event or meeting before it can be created (no replies allowed) whereas CoreUM allows registered users to create their own appointments.

4. Integration – CoreUM integrates with Google Drive, for example, making it easier for users to share documents with those invited or expected for a meeting.

Meeting Burner Vs CoreUM

I’ve done a rundown on how Doodle works and what makes it stand out from other online schedulers. But I thought we’d look at some additional features between CoreUM and MeetingBurner which is another popular free cloud-based meeting planner/scheduler application.

Both Meeting Burner and CoreUM offer free accounts to their users. However, Meeting Burner is more advanced in terms of scheduling management tools.

Contacts – CoreUM meeting organizer has an option for creating contacts that you can assign different roles (i.e., manager, board member, contractor, etc.). You can also create groups in which you place your contacts.

The advantage of this feature is that when your contact(s) changes role or group assignment, the system will update automatically so there’s no need to manually change them yourself.

Meeting/Event Creation Tools – Meeting Burner allows mid-size business users to invite individuals or groups with its “Add People” toolbox while it simultaneously suggests people who may be interested based on your search criteria. You can also create recurring events, schedules, and reminders.

CoreUM focuses more on individual meetings/events rather than groups or collaborations.

Pricing – Meeting Burner offers different subscription plans to its users while CoreUM has only one plan that will cover the needs of most small-to-medium size businesses.

Integration with Major Applications – Both tools are cloud-based which means you won’t have to install any application to your computer or mobile device for them to function properly.

However, Meeting Burner is integrated with Google Drive, Dropbox, Trello, Todoist, Slack, Box, Zapier among other online collaboration apps while CoreUM does not work that way yet.


CoreUM is a great meeting scheduler/planner for those who prefer hosting one-on-one meetings as well as groups and not for large enterprises. It’s also ideal for small business operators or professionals who work on the go and need a simple application with minimal features good enough to manage their meeting schedule without too much distraction or manually sharing personalized links of invites.

Coreum pricing rivals all of the Coreum alternatives on the market today, and being able to connect it with other applications such as Google Drive is also an advantage because public administrations can easily share files and folders without leaving the dashboard. If you work with remote accounting team members or HR, this application will help your teams do your bookkeeping accounts reporting presentations with ease

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