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In the television market, there is a great deal of competition, with each company producing TVs with a variety of distinct features. Kogan is one of the most well-known names in the television manufacturing industry. When looking for a television, optical audio support is something that the majority of people seek. So, do Kogan televisions come equipped with optical audio?

As a general guide, Kogan televisions include optical audio. The primary function of optical audio is to transmit audio from the television to the associated sound devices. The sound transmitted by optical audio, on the other hand, is digital sound.

As a result, Kogan TVs’ optical audio can support both PCM and Dolby digital formats. When watching videos or broadcasts over the internet, this is also utilized to convey the audio. 

The optical audio system differs from other cabling techniques inset in that it makes use of optical fiber and light to transport information from the Kogan Tv to the sound systems or speakers, unlike the other cabling methods which do not use light. 

You will be able to connect your soundbar or other equipment to your Kogan Tv as long as you have the appropriate cables to do so.

However, it is not the only connection that Kogan televisions have. HDMI is also supported by Kogan televisions. As a result, you will not always be required to utilize optical audio for sound in certain situations. In place of this, HDMI may be used for both video and audio transmission. It also supports HDMI ARc for the transmission of audio signals.

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About the Kogan TVs

The Kogan televisions are excellent. They are quite carefully packaged and seem to be of high quality. These TVs may be sat on TV stands and can also be mounted on a wall.

When it comes to purchasing a television, Kogan TVs are a relatively reasonable option for the majority of consumers. They have several functions, and their design is similar to that of an Android device. They also have a feature called built-in chrome cast.

Furthermore, these TVs come with several pre-installed applications that enable users to stream content from a variety of websites, including YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, and the Google Play Store, among others.

As a result of its compatibility with Google Assistant, you can utilize the Google Voice Search capabilities and issue instructions by speaking into the device.

The television is quite simple to use and is an excellent option for anybody looking for a television that provides a reasonable level of entertainment.

Setting up Kogan TVs is also a breeze because of their straightforward design. Simply plugging in the device and following the set of instructions that appear will complete the process. Furthermore, the built-in Ethernet connections in most variants make connecting your router to the television a simple task for you to complete.

Kogan televisions have an average life lifetime of 5 years, and with good maintenance and care, they may last for a very long period.

Are Kogan televisions of high quality?

Because of its televisions, the Kogan brand has grown quite popular. Their customer service is excellent, and the televisions that they sell are of reasonable quality and are available at extremely reasonable costs.

However, one issue that some individuals may have is a remote control that is not responsive. While everything else, including the smart networking and the photos, is excellent, the photographs themselves are subpar.




Due to the low prices of the Kogan brand’s televisions and gadgets, the Kogan brand is beginning to establish a reputation for itself in the marketplace.

The Kogan TVs are equipped with optical audio, which makes it possible to link them to any audio equipment you may have, such as soundbars and other speakers, to get digital sound from your TV. Optical audio is different from other audio transmission methods in the way it conveys the audio.

The Kogan TVs also support HDMI and HDMI ARC for transmission of audio signals. The Kogan gadgets are created in a unified manner, and the TVs are of reasonable quality for those who are seeking televisions but are on a low financial budget.

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