Do MacBook Keyboard Covers Cause Overheating?( EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW)

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MacBook keyboard covers have been in the news a lot lately. Some people say that they cause the MacBook to overheat, while others claim that they are an essential accessory. So, what’s the truth?

Does computer keyboard covers actually cause your computer to overheat, or are they just a harmless way to protect your keyboard? In this post, we’ll take a look at the evidence and find out what really happens when you use a keyboard cover on your MacBook.

A keyboard protector, also known as a keyboard cover, is placed on the top of a computer keyboard to minimize dust entrance, and also to keep the keyboard in immaculate condition, thus reducing or eliminating the need to clean the keyboard. But, do MacBook keyboard covers cause overheating?

As a general guide, using a MacBook keyboard cover will not cause your PC to start overheating. The keyboard covers are aerated enough to let cooling air get in and out of the keyboard. On the other hand, the material used to make keyboard covers is a poor heat conductor which means the amount of heat that can be absorbed by such a small chunk of TPU is minimal, and your mac will not overheat as a result. 

The amount of heat that can be absorbed by such a small chunk of TPU is minimal, and your mac will not overheat as a result. Numerous individuals believe that the keyboard (via spaces beneath the keys) is where MacBooks vent heat, and that adding a keyboard cover would obstruct the passage of air and cause the machine to overheat.

However, MacBooks do not vent or absorb air through the keyboard – no model has ever done so, and it is highly unlikely that Apple would ever create one that does.

So, where are the vents on MacBooks? All MacBooks apart from the retina MacBook Pro, have their vents in the hinges, on the other hand, the vents on the retina MacBook pro are located on the sides. As a result, you may safely use a keyboard cover with any MacBook model.

What Are the Benefits of Keyboard Protectors?

The most common reason individuals purchase keyboard covers for their laptops is to prevent the computer from being damaged by spilled beverages or food.

If you’re using a MacBook, the keyboard is almost the only area on the top of the laptop where liquids may get into the device’s body and its internal components and most likely location where food might get trapped. Getting food or dirt out of the spaces between and beneath the keys may be difficult once it has gotten there.

Unlike wireless Bluetooth keyboards that can be tacked away, it might be wise to invest in a keyboard cover, especially if you regularly spill food and drink on your Mac, work in an unsanitary setting, have accidents on the job, or if you have small children who use computers at home. If you do this, you may be certain that nothing will get into your MacBook and do harm to its internal components.

When the cover becomes filthy, all you have to do is remove it and wash it under running water. In contrast to your Mac’s keyboard, since keyboard covers are often constructed of rubber, you may wipe them with water and then hang them out to dry on a clothesline.


Which Kind of MacBook keyboard cover Should I Purchase?

The most significant disadvantage of keyboard covers is that the soft rubber provides poor tactile feedback. When used without a keyboard cover, the MacBook keyboard is sharp and quick; however, when a keyboard cover is used, the keyboard reacts more incredibly slowly to inputs, which could result in errors and a worse typing experience.

This makes purchasing high-quality keyboard protection, one that is snug and properly fits your MacBook, very essential. A keyboard protector may also be considered ugly by certain individuals, depending on their particular tastes.

However, since they are available in a variety of colors and designs, from translucent to blue to pink to rainbow, you may also find it to be an appealing accessory.

Are MacBook keyboard covers harmful to MacBook computers?

It is completely safe for your MacBook. Its only purpose is to keep the keyboard from dust, and the cover will protect the MacBook or the keyboard physically (if you are using a desktop) if any liquid is inadvertently spilled over it. That’s all there is to it. However, if you are more cautious, you may be able to type without the keyboard cover.


A MacBook keyboard cover is great for Macbooks and will not cause overheating. We strongly advise using a cover, especially if you type a lot because it helps to maintain the resell value of the keyboard by preventing the keys from becoming shiny. It also helps to keep crumbs out, which means the typing experience will remain ‘clean’ and you will not hear crunching sounds later on.

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