Do Optical Cable Quality Matter ( Its Not What You Think! )

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Optical digital cables vary from other types of cables in that they transport data via the use of light rather than electricity. Glass, plastic, and silica are among the materials that may be used to construct the cables. Does the quality of the cable, on the other hand, really matter?


When it comes to optical audio cables, the audio cable quality does not really matter since the sound you get from the optical audio cables is the same regardless of the quality you pick. The durability of the optical cable, on the other hand, is one of the factors that will have an impact on the audio quality.


 If you have a premium grade audio cable, it is likely to survive considerably longer than a cheap poor quality cable, however, the quality of the optical audio cable has no effect on how long your cable lasts in general.

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You shouldn’t spend a lot of money on an optical cable simply because it’s elegant or expensive since all optical cables are the same. Furthermore, while shielding has a significant impact on the durability of optical cables, purchasing a protected cable will have no effect on the overall audio quality.


When it comes to transmitting DTS and Dolby digital sound, optical cables will often be used In spite of the fact that some devices are now utilizing HDMI, optical audio cables may still be found on a variety of devices, including AV receivers and soundbars.

What exactly are the issues with optical cable?

One of the most critical problems with optical audio connections is that their bandwidth is insufficient to accommodate lossless audio standards such as lossless CD audio.

It is consequently not possible to use the optical audio connection to playback multiple channels of uncompressed PCM audio at once. Another issue with these cables is that they are fragile. As a result, if they are twisted too firmly, they will get bent.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Optical audio cables

The following are some of the factors to take into consideration.


Only purchase a cable that is the appropriate length. Any cable length in excess of 10 meters will result in poor transmission quality. It is important to choose optical audio cables that are around 5meyers in length.


Between the 5mm cable and the 8mm cable, there will be no discernible change in sound quality. There are no adverse effects on the connectors of optical audio cables due to their outside diameter while using optical audio cables.

It is important to understand that heavier cables are more durable than thinner ones. Thicker cables are also often covered with a protective nylon mesh on the exterior of the wire.


Optical audio cables are costly than digital coaxial cables in certain cases. However, as a result of the lack of interference from other electrical equipment, they provide superior performance when compared to replicating digital signals than they would otherwise. The kind of optical cable you get will have a significant impact on the cost of your project.

Plastic fiber cables with a length of 5 meters are much less expensive than quartz cables. Some cables may be equipped with gold-coated connections in order to improve signal transmission and prevent corrosion; however, this may significantly increase the cost of the cable.



The optical audio cable should be checked for severe irregularities before usage because if there are any, the cable will not function correctly if it works at all. The presence of curves is acceptable and inevitable, however, bending hinders the LED light from transmitting effectively along the wire’s length.

Bandwidth Capacity Of The Optical Cable

Bandwidth is a very important aspect to consider when it comes to optical cable. If the bandwidth is high, the cable is likely to give you high performance.



The quality of the audio cable does not matter since all-optical audio cables are of the same design. For this reason, if you want to get an audio optical cable, you should consider the length as one of your considerations, as well as the quality when it comes to durability and reliability. On the other hand, when it comes to sound quality, you will obtain the same result with any of the optical connections.

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