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There’s been a lot of discussions lately about how to best preserve your MacBook Air’s battery life. One factor that might be important to consider is keyboard brightness. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at whether or not the brightness of your Macbook Air keyboard affects the battery life. We’ll also provide some tips on how to get the most out of your battery. Keep reading for more information!

As a general guide, the brightness of a backlit keyboard will affect your total battery life (although not necessarily negatively). However, determining how much of a difference it makes or whether it makes a significant impact is a considerably more involved question.

Because the brightness of the keyboard backlight may cause your battery to drain more quickly, you should switch off the backlit keyboard when you are not in low light situations.

Access the Control Center on your computer by pressing the Windows key. To change the illumination, choose Keyboard and Mouse, then Backlit Keyboard from the dropdown menu. 

The Backlit Keyboard may be turned off by pressing the OFF key. Depending on your laptop, the procedure may be somewhat modified.

In Windows 10, there isn’t a built-in option to change the brightness of the backlit keyboard, which is a disappointment. For this purpose, several original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), such as Dell, provide their own proprietary software. 

They include controls for turning on or off the backlit keyboard, adjusting the keyboard’s brightness, and turning off the backlight automatically after a certain number of seconds of idleness. Learn about the choices available for your device by doing some research. 

While you’re doing it, why not make this a hotkey to make it even easier to access. You may find yourself in a similar situation in the future, and you’ll save some time by doing it the first time around.


How Do Laptop Batteries Work?


There is little distinction between a laptop battery and any other kind of battery. Laptop batteries are available in a range of sizes and forms, just like the rest of the batteries. There is, however, an additional sophisticated electrical circuit that will operate in concert with the rest of the laptop’s hardware to make the device work.


During the charging process, the electrical circuit is in charge of managing all of the electricity that goes through the battery. When a laptop battery is being charged, the same amount of power is being discharged from the battery cells, which distinguishes them from regular home rechargeable batteries.


The main mechanism by which laptop batteries charge and discharge are regulated by the electronics already integrated into your laptop. That hardware is responsible for ensuring that the cells in the battery are operating properly, and it will alert you when it is time to charge the battery.


Even though laptop batteries may be recharged, they will not last indefinitely in most cases. As a result, you want to provide the utmost care possible for them. The structure of your laptop’s battery is determined by the model number of your laptop.


What are the most effective ways for extending the battery life of a laptop?


“If you take good care of your laptop’s batteries, it will take better care of you,” 


If you’re not using your laptop, make sure it’s on float charge (ideally guarded by a UPS or Power conditioner), or at the very least, make sure it’s connected into power while when not being used.


It should also be used with the power cord whenever feasible to avoid deep cycling the battery.


The greater the number of cycles, the greater the number of chemical changes the cells undergo, and the shorter the rechargeable life. Using a connected laptop reduces the amount of real charging and discharging that takes place.


The nickel-cadmium batteries are known for their memory issues, however, laptop batteries are not. The combination of electrical components in the battery module and the charging management system on the laptop motherboard also works in tandem to optimize the amount of power that enters and leaves the cells.


Furthermore, the electronics in the battery system are designed to reduce the danger of a fire, so do not use batteries that are not precisely designed for your model or try to alter that particular combination of batteries and electronics.


If in doubt, see the manufacturer’s instructions for more information


The usage of a backlit keyboard consumes more power than the absence of a backlit keyboard. However, it doesn’t take up much power. The backlight has less impact on battery life than other variables such as screen brightness and the number of other applications you’re running. System Preferences provide you with the ability to make certain adjustments.


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