Does Optical Audio Lag ( Explained )

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In some cases, you may be discontented with the audio that you are receiving from your television speakers, and you may wish to connect a home theater system or soundbars to your television in order to receive high-quality audio output. If there is one question that keeps popping up in your head, it is whether optical audio lags. So does optical audio lag?

As a general guide, optical audio cables can add lagging. Though the audio lag from the source to the output interface is not significant, audio lagging is noticeable. There are a variety of factors that could contribute to optical audio cable lag or stuttering. One of the main causes of lag is delayed processing.

To be more precise, whether you view a Blu-ray disc or you are streaming a show on Netflix, the audio that is used is encoded in a unique kind of format, such as DTS or Dolby Digital.

Therefore, whenever that data is transferred to your Television or speakers, the device must decode the audio for it to be played through your speaker systems, which is a time-consuming procedure that takes some time.

When this occurs, you will almost always notice a significant difference between the video and the audio quality. Optical audio typically has a delay of between 0ms and 25ms, depending on the application. The lag in optical audio could be caused by a number of factors.

In some instances, the broadcasting may be the source of the problem, or you may simply have bad connectivity between your cables. When using a DVD player, poor connectivity can also cause the optical audio to lag, which is similar to the previous situation.

If, on the other hand, you are connecting your home theatre system via an optical cable, you may notice a delay in the audio as well. It is possible that such a delay will necessitate the adjustment of the entire home theater system. Some televisions also have a setting that can be used to resolve this problem.

When you connect your television set to your soundbar home theater system with an optical cable, you may encounter lag in the audio.

What causes this to occur? In most cases, this occurs as a result of processing delays occurring in the audio equipment, which in this instance includes the sound system and the home theater system.

Your TV speakers should be functioning correctly at this time, in most cases. In order to resolve this problem, there are numerous options available.

Fixing lag in optical audio


The methods that you may take to assist in addressing the issues that are caused by lag are outlined below.

Check to see whether your television is running the most recent firmware. If this is the case, you must upgrade to the most recent system software.

However, keep in mind that not all televisions can be upgraded, so be sure to verify which category your television belongs to first. For televisions that have the ability to be updated, the firmware is normally available for download via the TV’s menu.

Check to be that all of the wires on your TV, as well as the connections connecting to all of the devices, are correctly connected. You may also want to try with different visual sources to be sure that the issue is with the optical audio and not anything else.

You could try putting a different channel if you are experiencing lag when viewing particular television shows, merely to check if you are still experiencing the same lag on a different station after changing channels. As a result, if the problem is limited to a single channel, the broadcasting is the source of the problem.

If you are listening to music via your television speakers and you notice a delay, power-resetting your television may be beneficial.

The second option is to manually modify the Audio or the Audio Delay settings on the home theater system if one is present and a digital optical cable is being used to connect to the system.


There are a variety of reasons why optical audio may lag, and each of these issues has been discussed in this post. Furthermore, the various procedures for resolving the issue that these factors have caused have been discussed in this essay. We hope you found the information on this page to be useful.

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