Where To Put Sky Box With Wall Mounted TV (With Video And Image Examples)

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Wall mounting your TV provides a home with a neat and tidy way to keep cable clutter and unnecessary entertainment units like Sky box, Sling box and audio video receivers tucked away neatly. But, where do you put your satellite box when you have your TV wall mounted?

In general, Sky satellite boxes with a wall-mounted TV can be put behind the wall-mounted TV. The Hideit Sky Q clip-on particularly works best with wall-mounted TVs as it neatly sits behind your TV, keeping everything out of sight. Apart from installing your Sky box behind the TV, you can put the satellite box away in a wall-mounted entertainment cabinet, under stairs, away in the loft, or in a visually decorative entertainment unit.

If you recently had your television wall mounted or are considering having your television wall mounted and are unsure of the best location for your Skybox/satellite TV receiver. Continue reading for some useful insights on where to install it.

There are many locations for your skybox with wall-mounted TVs, such as beneath the stairs, in a cabinet or closet, or on an Av shelf. These are discussed in detail below to assist you in determining which choice is best for you. 

How To Invisibly Mount a Sky Q Mini Box on your TV! (Or any set-top box!)

Put Your Satelite Box Away From View In A Cupboard/Cabinet

If there is a closet or cabinet near the location of your television, this may be the ideal location for your Sky box or satellite receiver.

What Accessories You Need To Put Sky Box Away?

If you are going to put your satellite box away, you need to get a few accessories to complete your installation. And these will include:

  1. A Long Power Cable ( I recommend to check This long power cable I found useful on Amazon.)
  2. A Long ethernet Cable ( your box need this recommended long ethernet cable I found useful on Amazon.)
  3. A short or long usb to HDMI Cable( As your satelite box will either be right at the back of your TV or further away, you cant go wrong with these two HDMI to Usb Cables available on Amazon.

Install Sky Box Under The Stairs

This provides an ideal place for all of your Audiovisual equipment to be installed in case any maintenance or repairs are required. Additionally, centralizing all of your AV equipment simplifies the process of connecting all of your smart devices to the network through a hardwired internet connection.

Install The Sky Box In Loft

If you have a loft, and particularly if you are putting the Skybox in an upstairs bedroom or room, the Skybox may be placed in the loft area in a manner comparable to installing a Skybox beneath the stairs.

Install The Satellite Box Inside An Audio-Visual Shelf

There are several AV shelves available for storing AV equipment under wall-mounted televisions. You may install one of these in conjunction with your Sky box. There are many versions available, and you can even use a standard shelf provided it is big enough to hold the Sky RX.

Install The SkyBox Behind The Wall Mounted TV

This goes well with the Sky Q boxes, which are significantly smaller than the previous Sky box types. This is particularly effective when used in conjunction with the Sky Q mini-box, which is used to configure Sky Q multi-room systems and connects wirelessly to the main Skybox.

HIDEit Sky Q Wall Mount

If you wish to place your Sky Q box behind your television on the wall, the HIDEit Sky Q wall mount is ideal. Connect directly this to the wall behind the installed TV location, slide it inside, and then mount the Television over the top, completely concealing the box. Ingenious, so no need to be concerned about the Skybox being detached. Sky 2TB, 1TB, and Sky Q mini-boxes are available in a variety of variants.

A Complete Guide to Where to Put a SkyBox with Wall Mounted TV.

What is a Sky Box?

This is your entry point for watching Sky content in other rooms. Through the skybox, you gain access to all of the Sky box’s capabilities, including live TV and viewing recordings saved on the main Skybox.

What is A SlingBox?

It is a TV streaming media device developed by Sling Media that encodes local video for transmission over the Network to a distant device. It is available for purchase online.

Why do I need A SlingBox or SkYBOX?

A Slingbox can help in compressing and distributing video signals across your home network. This allows you to watch TV in any room around your house, even the garden so long as you have a broadband internet connection.

Why do you need to know where to put your tv when you have a skybox?

When you have a skybox, it is critical to know where you must place your television, since this also affects the location of your skybox. Your skybox should be located in an area that is unobtrusive but yet allows for easy control. For instance, you might place it on a cupboard or shelf that you can access whenever you want. Thus, the position of your television has a significant effect on the location of your skybox.

What is an entertainment unit and why do you need it?

In general, an entertainment unit is a piece of furniture that is purpose-built to carry consumer electronics such as TVs and other appliances; this is sometimes referred to as an entertainment complex.

Possessing a functional TV entertainment unit elevates your home theater fantasies to new heights. Convenience, storage capabilities, as well as compatibility with your living space are all equally essential. They not only benefit the space but also the family! Children and adults may meet in entertainment centers to play video games, watch movies, as well as build lifelong memories. Additionally, they assist in organizing, streamlining, and decluttering the home

Tv Placement for Arranging With an Entertainment Center & Displays

If the design allows for a straightforward arrangement, situate the TV in the corner on top of the entertainment center. For instance, this design enables the sitting area to be arranged around the television. Additionally, the wall niches contribute to the design’s general simplicity, transparency, and harmony.

Tv Placement With Sky Box Near Wall

The HIDEit Sky Q wall mount is ideal for mounting your Sky Q box behind your television and close to the wall. Simply connect this to the wall behind the installed TV location, slide it inside, and afterward install your TV over the top, completely concealing the box. You do not need to be bothered about the Skybox being dislodged.

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