Why Does Apple TV 4k Have No Sound When Connected Through HDMI Cable?

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Smart TVs like the Apple TV 4K connect to external sound output systems like the soundbars, AVRs, or bookshelf speakers for quality home entertainment. While their connections are fairly easy to configure with an HDMI cable, Apple TV 4k monitors have been known for sound issues.

This is especially true for Apple TVs 4K when connected through HDMI cable and to an external sound system that doesn’t produce any sound at all.

As far as your TV might be recognized by the latest version of the Apple TV software, you still might not hear anything from it. This can be caused by three major things:

Apple TV Has No Sound Due To Not Being Configured As Your Primary Sound Output

The first possibility for a lack of sound on an Apple TV 4K monitor is a configuration issue. You can check this by going to Settings > Audio & Video on the Apple TV and looking for the TV settings. Check that your cable box is set as the primary audio output if you have multiple outputs.

If this doesn’t work, you could try a different HDMI cable to rule out a faulty one. In case both of these things don’t fix your Apple TV 4K monitor sound issues, we can move on to other possible causes for this issue.

Apple TV Has No Sound Due To Input Mismatch

Check in your TV settings if the HDMI input you are using is set to the proper connection.

If this doesn’t work, check if audio playback works with another device connected via HDMI. This will help us figure out whether your TV or Apple TV monitor’s audio output is faulty.

Apple TV 4K Sound Issues Might Also Be Caused By Your TV

It’s possible that your Apple TV 4K sound issues could be caused by a faulty HDMI input on your TV.

To determine whether this is the case, try connecting another device to your TV and see if it works properly or not.

If you can’t hear any kind of audio from other devices connected through HDMI, we advise that you get in touch with your TV manufacturer for further assistance.

Apple TV 4K Might Also Have A Software Problem

This issue might be due to a software problem on the Apple TV and it’s possible that restarting the device could do the trick.

To try this, hold down both of the Menu and Down buttons below the Apple logo on your remote for ten seconds. This will reset your Apple TV 4K which is a standard operating procedure for any kind of software-related issues on Apple TVs.

If none of these tips work, you could try resetting the device to factory settings. To do this, navigate to Settings > System > Reset and select “Erase All Content and Settings.” Keep in mind that resetting your Apple TV will erase all of the data stored on it.

How Do I Get Sound On Apple TV 4k?

Getting sound on Apple TV 4k can sometimes be a very frustrating process. However, on Apple TV 4K monitors there are three major things that might be causing the lack of sound. These include a configuration issue, an input mismatch and faulty hardware on Apple TV 4K or your TV monitor.

If you want to avoid any one of these issues, you should consider getting sound out of your Apple TV using smart TV soundbars, or AVR’s.

As a general guide, get sound on Apple TV by using external TV speakers. Setting up Dolby Atmos or surround sound on Apple TV with a soundbar or an AV receiver is the best way to get sound on Apple TV 4k. Soundbars for TV connect to Apple TV 4K using an HDMI cable.

You can also check out our article on how to connect your Apple TV 4K monitor to 5.1 surround sound speakers for more information about getting surround sound or Dolby Atmos on Apple TV. This will help you determine whether your TV, Apple TV 4k is faulty or not and lend you assistance in fixing this issue yourself if possible.

While setting up your Apple TV 4K with an external surround sound system, be aware of Apple TVs sound Issues that might also be caused by your Apple TVs incompatibilities with HDMI cable standards.

If your Apple TV 4k monitor sound issues are caused by a bad HDMI cable, you can replace the cable with another one to determine whether this is the issue or not. If audio playback works fine on other devices connected via HDMI, it’s likely that the cable is faulty. In which case, the best way to deal with this problem is by getting another HDMI cable altogether.

If you’ve tried all of these methods and none of them seem to work, it’s possible that your Apple TV 4K monitor has a hardware defect or a software issue.

How Do I Connect Apple TV 4k To External Speakers?

Connecting Apple TV 4k to external speakers is widely done using an HDMI cable. This type of connection is usually recommended for devices with an ARC or Audio Return Channel compatible output.

While you could attempt to connect your Apple TV 4k monitor to external speakers via optical cables, this option might not be feasible considering that most soundbars and TVs don’t have optical audio input capability. As such, it’s best to use the HDMI cable option if you want to connect your Apple TV 4K to external speakers of any kind.

How To Connect Apple Tv 4k To Surround Sound Speakers:

Connecting Apple TV 4k to surround sound speakers is a pretty straightforward and easy process. Just connect your Apple TV 4K monitor using an HDMI cable to speakers that are compatible with ARC or Audio Return Channel.

If you own a soundbar, the HDMI cable connection should be pretty simple to set up. If your TV monitor doesn’t have an ARC-compatible output, however, you might want to consider setting up surround sound on Apple TV 4K using an AVR.

How To Connect Apple Tv 4k To Home Theater Speakers:

Setting up surround sound on Apple TV from a home theater receiver is a pretty straightforward process. Just connect your Apple TV to an AVR using an HDMI cable. In this case, it’s best to use a certified high-speed HDMI cable with Ethernet.

If you have a surround sound setup, get sound on Apple TV 4k by connecting it to your AVR with an HDMI cable.

If you don’t have a surround sound setup but want to set up Dolby Atmos or any other type of surround sound for that matter on your Apple TV 4K monitor, check out our article on how to connect 5.1 speakers and get surround sound on Apple TV.

Why Is My Apple Tv Sound Not Working?

If you’re experiencing issues with your Apple TV’s sound, it’s likely that these problems are related to the device itself or its connection to external speakers. If you connect by HDMI and still have no sound, here are some things you can try:

  • Restart the Apple TV.
  • Update the Apple TV’s software if there’s an update available.
  • Check that your HDMI cable is working properly by connecting it to another device first.

If you’re having issues with a specific HDMI port, consider using another one instead to establish whether this is the case or not.

Also, make sure that the Apple TV and the device you’re connecting to are powered on and that they’re connected to the right inputs.

How Do I Change Audio Output on Apple TV?

If you are experiencing issues with sound or you want to change your audio output, the first thing you should do is check if there’s an update available for your Apple TV. If so, make one and remember to restart after the installation has been finished.

If the software update doesn’t work as it should, consider doing a factory reset on your device by accessing the option from the settings menu. This shouldn’t take more than a few minutes and will solve most sound issues with your Apple TV.

If there isn’t an update available for you to complete or if a factory reset didn’t work, you might want to connect your Apple TV 4K monitor to another device before establishing any other type of connection.

This is because there might be something interfering with the connection between your TV and external speakers to which you’re trying to connect it.

For example, if your TV is connected to a game console, try connecting it directly to the game controller instead.

Also, remember that in order for the Apple TV 4k sound out to work well, there shouldn’t be any other connections between your Apple TV and your TV monitor.

It is also possible for the sound output of the device you’re connecting to (i.e., an AVR) to interfere with the sound coming from your Apple TV 4K monitor, so make sure that there aren’t any extra connections that might cause this type of issue.

If you are still having trouble with sound after following our steps above, you can reach out to Apple Support or visit one of their stores. Don’t forget to check back here for more tips and tricks about your favorite devices, apps, and more!

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