Pauly D Tatoos ( And What Each Tattoo Means)

Pauly D’s Tattoos have been a big part of his larger-than-life image if not Pauly D’s influence towards the growing trend of getting a tattoo as a special occasion gift. Pauly was always into tattoos and had some, even before he became a highly successful and net-worthy star on MTV’s Jersey Shore.

Pauly has always been into tattoos since he was a child, Pauly D always loved the idea of tattoos and how it seemed like a great way to express yourself, Pauly especially loved the fact that he doesn’t have to say a word, but his tattoos everywhere would express who Pauly is.

Pauly has said about tattoos “tatooted” himself up as a kid because he didn’t have many friends. Pauly D got his first tattoo at the age of 16, Pauly got a “DJ Pauly D” logo tattoed on his left arm in honor of himself.

Each of Pauly D’s Tattoos has a meaning behind it. Though he has given many different explanations for his tattoos, there’s no doubt that Pauly D’s tattoos have become a growing influence to many Jersey Shore fans including his fellow Cast who went on to get Pauly D-inspired tattoos.

So, if you are looking at getting a new tattoo, Pauly D’s tattoos could inspire you to think outside the box long before speaking to a local tattoo artist near you. Pauly D’s tattoos have inspired many and will continue to be Pauly D’s trademark.

Pauly has a total of around 10 or 11 tattoos. Here is Pauly D’s full tattoo collection:

Tattoos 1-4 (inside left arm Pauly D got his first DJ Pauly D tattoo in honor of himself) Pauly D also has a “bar code” tattoo on the inside of his left arm. Pauly got this tattoo to remember the time Pauly was carded at a club and Pauly couldn’t get in cause Pauly had no ID, so Pauly’s friend said that Pauly was over 21 and just needed some random barcode tattoo to get Pauly in. Pauly agreed just so Pauly could get into the club, Pauly’s friend then took Pauly to get tattoed and Pauly got this bar code.

Pauly has mentioned about this tattoo saying “I looked like an idiot cause I was with my parents driving around at night time with that on me.” Pauly also has a “living room” tattoo which Pauly D got with Pauly’s best friend Pauly Paps. Pauly and Pauly Paps would always hang out in Pauly’s living room so Pauly thought it would be cool to get tattooed.

Pauly also has another Pauly D tattoo for “America” Pauly got this because Pauly’s family has always been into recruiting and Pauly has tattoos that speak to Pauly’s love America. Pauly also has a sickle and part of Pauly’s left arm which is where Pauly gets most of his other tattoos.

Pauly D’s Three Turtles Tattoo

Tattoos 5-8 ( Pauly D has three turtles which Pauly has said means Pauly’s family because Pauly was told that Chinese people see Turtles as symbols of their family’s longevity. Pauly also has an octopus on his left arm, Pauly got this because Pauly used to play with octopi when he went scuba diving.

The sea turtle tattoos also symbolize tranquility, perseverance and immortality. Pauly D has three turtles on his left arm, he got these tattoos because Pauly once had a dream which Pauly was surrounded by sea turtles.

He also has two characters on his right arm which symbolize the sun and the moon. Pauly got this tattoo when he was living in South Beach where he wanted his arm to look like a Chinese scroll, Pauly got this tattoo because Pauly wanted something that would stand out and Pauly likes Chinese lettering.

Pauly D’s Neck Tattoo

The tattoo behind Pauly’s neck Pauly got this tattoo to remember Pauly’s grandma because Pauly loved his grandma so much. Pauly also has a very special tattoo on his stomach, which he got when he was hospitalized for months, Pauly D got this tattoo to remind him of all the friends who Pauly had lost over Pauly’s lifetime. Pauly also has some other private tattoos because Pauly does not want people to start copying him.

Pauly D’s Feet Tattoos

One of his most recent tattoos is a pair of dice that Pauly got on his feet Pauly has a pair of dice tattoo on Pauly’s feet because Pauly used to gamble a lot when Pauly was younger. Pauly D also has the Chinese symbol for “Lucky” on his left foot, he got this tattoo because he felt it would be cool to have something from China.

Pauly D’s Cadillac Tattoo

Pauly D’s Cadillac tattoo on his rib sides is not your average, this tattoo symbolic meaning dates back to when Pauly D was a used car salesman. As a celebrated DJ who came from a humble beginning, he felt that getting these tattoos would always remind him of how far he has come and the rich history behind his rugs to riches fairytale. Pauly also has a tat of the “Cadillac Dream”

Pauly D’s Back Tattoos

Pauly also has a Pauly D tattoo on his back he got this tattoo to remember all the hard work Pauly put in when he was building up his career. Pauly also has three tattoos on his right arm, which are the Chinese symbols for “Family”, “Power” and “Loyalty”. Pauly got these tattoos to remind him of his family. In this particular tattoo, each member of his family are represented.

His Chinese symbol for “Strength” on the left forearm is a constant reminder in times when he feels weak or too old to continue doing what he loves to do.