Why won’t my Airdrop Work? ( EXPLAINED )

Anyone who has a computer knows that sharing data is something that occurs regularly. This has been made simpler on Apple devices thanks to a function known as Airdrop, which allows users to quickly transmit data across their devices. 

Due to a variety of factors, it is possible that the functionality may not function properly or will cause you issues. So, a lot of people will ask ” Why won’t my Airdrop work?”


As a general guide, Airdrop won’t work when your Apple gadget has a software glitch, poor wifi or Bluetooth connectivity and when the file sharing host is too far apart. Typically, the inability for Airdrop not to work effectively is a driver glitch after software update. This is a typical issue that many Apple users encounter.

There are a variety of factors that contribute to this situation. For example, for Airdrop to operate successfully, WiFi connection and Bluetooth must be present; they are both required. Consequently, if any of the devices communicating with each other are experiencing WiFi or Bluetooth connection issues, Airdrop will not function.


Alternatively, problems with Airdrop on your Apple devices might be caused by old or outdated MacOs or iOS software. This may create a great deal of confusion since the protocol used by the Airdrop function may change. 

While current versions of the program may operate well, older versions of the software may give you trouble if the software on your device is obsolete. 

Other possible explanations for this include incorrectly set up settings or devices that are not compatible with the Airdrop protocol. This post explains the reasons why your Airdrop won’t work in more detail.


Airdrop not discoverable

One factor that might prevent your Airdrop from functioning properly is the fact that it is not discoverable. This signifies that the other device that is attempting to transmit to your device is unable to locate your device on Airdrop as a result of the discoverability settings of the device you are sending to. 

In the case of Airdrop, for example, if your discoverability settings are set to no one, you will not be able to transfer files to anybody, and no one will be able to send files to your device via the use of this feature.


The hotspot that has been activated

If you want to share data through Airdrop, the two most important prerequisites are Bluetooth and WiFi; a hotspot is not required in this scenario.

 If you have enabled hotspot on one of your devices, this may also be a contributing factor to the difficulties with Airdrop. Check to be that your hotspot is switched off on your Apple devices before continuing.


Bluetooth and WiFi are not functioning

It has already been stated that one of the most common reasons why your Airdrop will not function is due to connection difficulties with your device’s WiFi and Bluetooth networks. It is possible that you may need to restart your device in order to ensure that it is functioning correctly.

Resolve the problem of Airdrop not functioning

Listed below are some of the steps you may take to restore functionality to your Airdrop feature that is not functioning.

Make a change to your discoverability preferences. Your device’s Airdrop feature must first be activated on your end before anything else can be done. Then alter the discoverability mode to something else.

 The ability to regulate who has access to submit files to you is available in three distinct configurations: Receiving off, contacts only, and Everyone.

Check to ensure that Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are both enabled. Bluetooth is required by the Airdrop protocol in order to determine whether or if the devices are in close proximity to one another, and Wi-Fi is required in order to transmit data. 

Examine how far the devices are from each other. You must ensure that the device to which you are attempting to Airdrop is within 9 meters of your device since Airdrop requires Bluetooth.


Several reasons can cause your Airdrop to not work. One of the most common problems is caused by WiFi and Bluetooth issues, which are two of the most important requirements for Airdrop to function properly. 

Your settings may be the cause of the problem. These are minor concerns that may be readily resolved. 

Always double-check that your device’s WiFi and Bluetooth are in excellent working order; in addition, your Airdrop settings must be correctly adjusted.