Where is Airdrop on Mac

One of the benefits of using Apple devices is the availability of their greatest features, such as airdrop. Airdrop may be used to share videos, pictures, and documents across multiple devices, such as Macs, iPhones, and iPads, via a wireless connection. It’s an excellent method to transmit massive data across Apple devices in a short amount of time. But, where can you find airdrop on Mac?

If you’re using a Mac, you can find airdrop in the finder window. It is specially situated on the sidebar of the Finder window. It may also be found in the menu bar on the left. When you click on the airdrop icon in the menu bar, you will be able to see a list of all the people who are in the same range as your device.


When using a Bluetooth connection, Airdrop works well. You must thus ensure that the Bluetooth functionality of the devices is enabled before sending files through the Bluetooth connection. Moreover, since airdrop only works within a limited range (10m), you’ll need to make sure that both of your devices are within the same range for the airdrop to function properly.

Using Airdrop on a Mac to Share Files From the Finder Window

The finder window is a convenient way to use airdrop since it enables you to exchange files in a small space of time. Furthermore, you may save AirDrop to your Favorites in Finder so that you can access it quickly at any time.


  1. Launch the Finder. From the menu that appears at the top of your screen, select Go > AirDrop to begin the process.
  2. An AirDrop finder window will be displayed on your screen. Tap on “Allow me to be discovered by:” at the bottom of the display to change between “No one,” “Contacts Only,” as well as “Everyone,” depending on your preferences. To exchange files, choose the most relevant choice from the latter two alternatives listed above.


  1. Wait for a few moments for nearby devices to display on the screen. If you are unable to locate the device you are searching for, please follow the instructions outlined above. If you are still having difficulties connecting, choose option 4. Drag the files you wish to send into the AirDrop window to have them sent to the recipient immediately.


Sharing Files with Airdrop on Mac from Within a File


To share files through airdrop from inside a file, you simply need to take a few steps. The following are the actions that must be taken:


  1. To share a file, look for the sharing icon (a little rectangle with an up arrow ) from the application that contains your file and then click on it.


  1. From the sharing option that appears, select AirDrop from the drop-down list.


  1. A window opens, displaying a list of neighboring devices with which you may share your files. If you are unable to locate the device you are searching for, please be patient. It might take up to a minute for AirDrop to locate and connect with adjacent devices. 


If your receiving device is still not visible, check to see if Bluetooth is enabled on your computer. If it doesn’t work, you may try switching Bluetooth off.


  1. Select the device to which you wish to transmit the data. Even when you’re submitting a lengthy video, your data will be delivered in a matter of minutes.


To transfer a document in Word, Excel, as well as PowerPoint, choose “Share” from the menu bar on the top right side of the window.

A box will appear with several different sharing choices. At the bottom of the window, choose “Send a Copies of Your Document.”

A new box will appear on the screen. To share something, tap on the share symbol. AirDrop may be selected from the menu. A window opens, allowing you to share your document with other devices in the vicinity.

Select the device to which you wish to AirDrop your document, and the document will be transmitted to it.


Airdrop is a fantastic function that is available on iOS and macOS devices. Airdrop may be found on the sidebar of the Finder window on your Mac, which is accessible via the finder window. You may use this capability to exchange files wirelessly quickly and easily with other people.