Why Won’t My Airpods Connect to My MacBook?

If you’re trying to connect your Airpods to your MacBook, and they won’t connect, you may be wondering why they won’t work. I’ll show you how to fix your Airpods so that they work properly again.

Typically, there are several reasons why Airpods won’t connect to your MacBook:

  1. Your settings and configurations might be one of the reasons why Airpods won’t connect to your MacBook.
  2. Bluetooth connection issues, software issues as well as hardware problems might also be the cause for all the problems.
  3. Sometimes, the Airpods not connecting with your MacBook might be due to a damaged charging case, flat batteries, conflicting connections on your device, and out-of-date operating systems.

Overall, Airpods won’t pair or connect with a Macbook if the Bluetooth connection, glitching after software driver update or even if the battery is out.

How to Fix Airpods Not Connecting to MacBook?

Fixing Airpods not connecting to your MacBook can be a frustrating experience. To fix this, you will need to go through some necessary steps in order for it work properly again. Here are some of the possible reasons why your Airpods won’t connect to your MacBook and how you can get them to work again.

#1 Airpods not connecting with Macbook after software or firmware update

Step 1: Reset Your Bluetooth Connection Settings

Resetting the wireless Bluetooth settings on your devices is always a good start for any type of connectivity problems. To do this, simply go through these steps:

For the MacBook that won’t pair up with your wireless Airpods, go to the Apple logo in the upper left-hand corner and select System Preferences.

Select Bluetooth and make sure that your Airpods is near you MacBook but not connected yet Wait for your MacBook to detect your wireless Airpods and once it does, click on “Forget this Device” Your Wireless Airpods will now appear under Other Devices in the list of Bluetooth devices in your MacBook’s System Preferences Select the Airpods from the list and click on “Connect” to reestablish a Bluetooth connection with your Airpods.

#2 Airpods not connecting with Macbook due to software or firmware update

Step 1: Restart Your MacBook with Airpods

Restarting your Airpods and Macbook once you notice that your Bluetooth earbuds won’t connect allows for the gadgets to reboot and reinitialize your devices. To restart your MacBook, simply press the power button on the top right-hand side of your MacBook and select Restart.

Restarting your Airpods is done by placing them back in their case for at least 5 seconds. Then take out the wireless Airpods from their case, wait for the low battery indicator to appear and then place them back in their case.

Step 3: Check for Software Updates on the MacBook

Make sure that there is a software update available for your Bluetooth devices, operating system or even Airpods by going to the App Store. In order to check for updates, simply click on the Apple logo in the upper left-hand corner and select App Store.

Step 4: Check for Software Updates on the Airpods

Apple requires that you to update your Airpods frequently to keep them working properly with your devices. The updates break down the pairing process making it easier for future connections between your Airpods and other devices such as a MacBook or an iPhone.

For your Airpods to function properly, they need to update their software regularly. To check for updates on the Airpods, go to the “My Devices” option at the left side of your iPhone’s screen and select your Airpods under Bluetooth section. Once you select it, click on “i” next to the Airpods and select “Update.”

Step 5: Check for Software Update on your Macbook

In order to check for software updates, go the Apple logo at the top left corner of your MacBook’s window and click on App Store. Next, click on the Updates tab at the top of your screen and see if there is a MacBook update available.

#5 Airpods not connecting to Macbook after disconnecting from iPhone

Step 1: Re-establish the Bluetooth Connection with your MacBook and iPhone

Connect your Airpods back to their cases by placing them in their charging unit for at least 5 seconds. Then, take out the wireless Airpods from their case and keep them near your MacBook, wait for the low battery indicator to appear and place them back in the case. Once your Airpods are near your MacBook again, click on “Forget this Device” option under your Bluetooth list.

Now, click on the name of your Airpods under Other Devices in your MacBook’s Bluetooth settings list. Once you are connected to your Airpods through Bluetooth, click on “Connect” to re-establish your connection with the wireless earbuds.

If nothing seems to work, close out your MacBook’s Bluetooth list by clicking on the X in the top left-hand corner of the device’s name. Then, restart both of your devices to flush out any technical error that may be blocking the connection.

Step 2: Make sure that you are not experiencing a low battery issue with both your Airpods and iPhone.

Battery issues can occur from time to time with your devices, especially if you use them regularly. It’s critical that you understand the condition of both your MacBook’s battery and the Airpods’ battery.

How Can I Get Airpods to Connect to Mac?

Having Airpods that will not connect to your devices can be a very frustrating thing. However, there are several methods of making sure they are connected to your MacBook and enjoy the music you like. The following are some of the fixes you can try to apply to get your Airpods to work again.

Charge the Airpods. Your Airpods may not be connecting to your MacBook because they are not sufficiently charged. Therefore, before jumping to conclusions, try to charge the Airpods as well as the charging case.

Then reconnect the Airpods to your MacBook. You should be able to check the AirPods battery level any time you want.

Update macOS. Another possible reason why your Airpods may not be connecting to your device is that your device is running an old version of macOS.

Therefore, updating the operating system may be helpful because updating may add support for new apple devices like Airpods. Furthermore, it can enhance the overall performance and security of your MacBook.

Turn on Bluetooth. Your AirPods cannot be connected to your device if the Bluetooth on your MacBook is not turned on. Bluetooth connection is required of a MacBook to be connected to your Airpods. This can be done by clicking Bluetooth on the upper right corner of your screen.

Select your AirPods. If the Airpods have already been connected to your MacBook, but you are unable to get any sounds, try checking the speakers of your MacBook.

You can also try to see if your Airpods are selected as the output device by clicking the volume icon, if they are not, select them. You can so try selecting the Airpods while they are still in the charging case. You can do this in the Bluetooth section of your MacBook.

Make Sure Bluetooth is Turned Off on Other devices. If you have ever connected your MacBook to any of the devices that are close to you, the Airpods may be connecting to these devices automatically. Therefore, if you have your iPhone or iPad close by, make sure the devices have their Bluetooth turned off.

Charge the charging case. In any case, if you suspect the charging case is the problem, you may connect it to the power source. This is also a great solution if the battery of the case is damaged. You will be able to charge Airpods when the case is plugged into the power socket.

Sign in using the same apple ID. If your Airpods have ever been paired to a different Apple device like an iPad or iPhone, signing in with the same Apple ID can be helpful. In this case, your Airpods will connect to your MacBook automatically.

Restart your MacBook. Restarting your MacBook can solve several problems. You may be able to successfully connect your Airpods as a result of restarting your MacBook which may fix Airpod connectivity glitches.

Re-add your Airpods. Removing and re-adding the Airpods can help in solving the connectivity problems you are facing. You can remove the Airpods by clicking the apple logo, then navigate to system preferences, go to Bluetooth list. Once removed try reconnecting them.


A number of factors can prevent your Airpods from working with your MacBook. It’s possible that your MacBook’s settings and configurations are to blame for Airpods not connecting. If you’re having trouble with Bluetooth connectivity, software and hardware issues could also be to blame.

Your MacBook may be experiencing problems with the Airpods if the charging case is broken or the batteries are dead; this could also be caused by incorrectly connected devices or outdated operating systems.

Facing problems when trying to connect your Airpods to MacBook is one of the most common problems that apple users face.

Airpods not working can be caused by a variety of things including clashing Bluetooth connections, out-of-date operating systems, having a damaged charging case, selecting the incorrect Bluetooth settings or audio. Battery problems of the Airpods or charging case can also be the cause of all the problems.